Any Arduboy FX shipping updates?

I ordered a Arduboy FX – Laser Engraved on August 5, 2020. I am curious if there are any shipping updates. I sure am hoping to give this as a present this holiday season. I know the receiver is going to love it. I apologize if this has been asked here, I am new and I didn’t see any shipping updates.

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It appears the last part of this message was cut off. I am not clear, sorry. Does this mean the Arduboy FX – Laser Engraved I ordered in August will arrive before Christmas? Thank you.

So I’ve been working hard behind the scenes and not been able to give a good enough update.

I’m going to be sending an email this weekend or monday to this effect, but:

Due to overwhelming demand for the FX pre-mods I can’t actually make them all, I don’t have enough donor Arduboys and it would take me 2-3 months to convert all of them even if I did. That’s the bad news.

The good news is, the volume is high enough that I can start a new factory production batch instead! So that means all orders will be automatically upgrade to brand new factory made Arduboy FX complete with new packaging and everything that comes with it.

For those that ordered the laser engraved version will get a special gift.

The other bad news is, these new factory units won’t be ready in time for Christmas. So if you bought this as a gift for someone else and absolutely have to get something, I can offer a regular Arduboy + Mod Chip + Refund so you can do the upgrade yourself.

If you would rather cancel your order and request a refund, then that’s possible too, but I would encourage you that Arduboy delays are almost always worth the wait!

Sorry for the wait, but thank you for all the orders!


Here is the blog update!

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Yet another update!

We are getting closer, hopefully have them to peoples hands in February!


Looks great! Looking forward to getting mine when they are ready.

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Hello friends! I’m due to get the first 10 sample units off the factory line in the next week!!

BUT! I have just realized, they will pause production and wait for my approval. Depending on shipping times, customs and any other unforseen things that could cause a multi-day delay, this might push the final production over Chinese New Year, which would finish around the middle of February.

:frowning_face: I’ll see what I can do, but my experience tells me DO NOT rush the factory to get things done before CNY unless you want poor quality results.


Well I heard through some secret sources that actually Seeed may not actually have the parts yet so it almost certainly puts us into February, if not later.

I sent them a very direct email asking them for an update to the component stock and if the original ETA they provided me was based in any form of reality.

I’m waiting on a response from them, and will do a video update where I talk to the camera and let you know what’s going on.

But it seems like it could be late as April if they are actually having problems getting inventory.

I wish there was more I could do about this, and I’ll continue to stay on top of it, but as you can see virtually all industries are effected by this.

If you absolutely have to cancel, I can help you out, but I can’t refund all the orders, the money is already in Seeed’s hands. So that’s what the video update will cover, is basically me begging you to stay with me on this!



@bateske No worries, I can speak for myself, I ordered 2 and I am not going to ask for refund. I am sure it will be worth the waiting :wink:


Factory just told me March… :frowning:

Will be updating the site tomorrow and filming a video update that will go out by email soon.

If you need a refund I can help out, I apologize sincerely for the delay. Some of this wait is “my fault” checking the design and doing a lot of last minute testing that I probably could have done earlier. But, frankly dealing with the pandemic slowed me down far more than I anticipated. But even then I probably would have only done my part about a month faster, so most of this is outside of my direct control.

If it wasn’t for travel restrictions I’d be in China at the factory myself to have faster feedback loops, but unfortunately that’s something I can’t do right now.

There is some silver lining, as this I should be able to make an update to the games on the cart to fix any bugs or maybe add a few more games. I have to check with them on that, but they wont be flashing chips until February now looks like, so there should be time. I haven’t found out from them how they are doing this either, whether they plan on ordering it pre-programmed, using a flash programmer, or using the activator tool (I hope not that’s the slowest method).

Will continue to keep you updated.


Thanks for posting the update,
I’m glad to wait knowing you’re working on it as fast as you can, and pushing through issues.

Still excited for when it gets here and looking forwards to trying to write a game that uses multiple of the original rom size to achieve something amazing :slight_smile:

OK, that’s motivation for me to finish Ravine Despoiler this weekend while on vacation :slight_smile:

Just made another update this time with a video where I talk to the camera:

Shipping should begin next month, thanks for your patience!


Did you have any joy ordering extra faceplates/ replacement screens? :crossed_fingers:
(Would also love to order screen protectors straight from Bateske HQ).

What do you mean by replacement screens? The OLED?

I’m going to have about 500 extra clear front plastic case and buttons… and… 40,000 extra screws… ?

I’m not totally sure on how read the MOQ spreadsheet they sent me, but I’m gonna have a lot of extra stuff.

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Perfect. I just wanted a few plastic cases to replace mine that are scratched up. I’m holding off ordering the new aFX as I’d like to combine shipping.

In other shipping related news the costs for international shipping are really going up quite a bit, it seems I’m actually loosing money on each order.

Going to look at moving to squarespace soon for the store, and it includes discounted FedEx and UPS rates so potentially that can help. But if not I’ll have to raise international shipping rates.

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