Any logistic help?

Hi everyone!

I’m having some troubles with my Arduboy order, related to the address. A few days ago, I tried to contact you using the contact form, but I didn’t receive any response. Could I possibly get some help from an admin?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Odds are the admin (singular) just hasn’t had chance to read or respond to your email.

The business side of things is all handled by a single person (@bateske); none of the rest of us are able to help with anything involving sales or logistics because we aren’t actually involved with the business at all.

(The rest of us may however be able to help you later on if you have any issues or questions relating to games, programming, or hardware after you’ve actually received your Arduboy.)


I’ll wait a little longer to give him time to respond :slight_smile:

I see the email, sorry for the delay. I need to figure out a better solution for customer service. Switching costs are extreme and focusing on too many things at once.

I think I might have printed your label already but nothings gone out yet so I should still be able to get it fixed either way you’ll get your Arduboy.

Will respond later today!


Just replied to you, but looks like it shipped a couple weeks ago and is already in your country. In such situations the best thing to do is check with your local postal carrier.

If the package does not reach you and is returned then I can help with a replacement or refund.

Just letting everyone know if they run into problems in the future.


Thank you, everyone!
The only thing I can do now is wait. I’m sorry for the inconveniences.

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No need to apologize, thank you for being polite and understanding. We will get you your Arduboy eventually. Hopefully it will arrive soon!

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