Any one hear about the new microarcade microcard things?

(Kevin) #21

Potato quality gifs

Centipede is on autoplay



But still same width and height?

I thought they would (thicker display, COB on bottom of PCB). Did they also replace the backplate with an injection molded one or kept it genuine ?

(Kevin) #23

It’s metal on the back, their FCC logos and stuff like that are much bigger but I think it’s still pre-production.

(Scott R) #24

Will the microcard arcade lineup make more tiles taboo on the forum or can we continue to openly share pill popping maze and alien invasion games?

(Stephane C) #25

I am pretty sure that has long as it not using the same name or pixel perfect assets it should be fine.

(Pharap) #26

In fairness I think TTC LLC are just a bit heavier on the banhammer than other companies.
Also for most companies going after individuals who aren’t particularly wealthy doesn’t make sense.

But it’s good to double-check.
These days the lines between ‘acceptable clone’ and ‘getting torn apart in court’ are pretty blurred.

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(trodoss) #27

But it’s good to double-check.
These days the lines between ‘acceptable clone’ and ‘getting torn apart in court’ are pretty blurred.

So true. Usually open-source clones on a custom hardware platform are pretty safe. If you release a for-profit game on some else’s hardware–they pay a little more attention.

(Kevin) #28

So, as far as I am aware, Tetris is the only game which it’s gameplay elements are covered under trademark. So it’s actually impossible to create a legal Tetris clone. Everything else falls under copyright and patent. So as long as your game isn’t named the same, use code, artwork or other resources copied from other sources and isn’t mistakable as licensed content, as far as I am concerned it is fair use. The fact the games are not being marketed or sold is also something that keeps Arduboy games off the so called radar.

(Jack) #29

Does anyone have any idea when the microcard arcade game units will be produced? Is there any progress?

(Kevin) #30

Should start being on sale this summer!

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Continuing the Tetris Microcard
(Kevin) #31

Found this video! They must be sending out samples!

I’ll try to get some units secured and put up a pre-order page!

(Simon) #32

I think I’ll take one of each!

(Stephane C) #33

Games seems to be a little better then the one on tiny arcade. The Ms Pacman I got is really hard to see the score and Ms Pacman hardly look like herself. Those microcard might be interesting.

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(Roman) #34

looks cool ) is it possible to change the games there?
what CPU, display?

(Scott R) #35

It’s almost my 40th and my extensive birthday list consists of a Pac-Man micro arcade :joy:

(Nicole Birgel) #36

Nevermind - i am 48 now and my last birthday present was „Holy Diver“ for my NES😉

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Another confirmation we have eternal youth :smiley:

On the microarcade, I think the first wave only contains the Pac Man and Tetris verisons. But there will be those jumpers … :grin:

(Kevin) #38

Tetris, Pac Man and then a third multicart that I think is Galaga, Frogger and one more I can’t remember.

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(Nicole Birgel) #39

the third is the atari card i think -maybe centipede?


Looks like that on their site I also noticed that the game title is not silk screened but just a sticker so all PCB’s have the same layout and same color soldermask

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