Any one hear about the new microarcade things?

Saw a news story the other day that caught my eye. apparently (according to the story) arduboy is licensing out their microcard tech to a company that’s making full color microcard arcade ports


Heres the actual story with a bit more info

There’s some discussion over in the “State of the Arduboy” thread.


Thanks for letting me know!

Yes these are an officially licensed version of the MicroCard hardware! I’m going to do a post and probably something up on the front page after this weekend when I attend the launch at the New York Toy Fair!

I’m sorry I don’t have more info but this is made by another company, I just gave them the design files for the hardware and some general consulting and they did the rest.

I’m really hoping to sell them on the site too. It will be most interesting to me to see what the packaging looks like. It will be super exciting if they are using the same format as what the Arduboy currently does with a 200x200x10mm box because then they can all stack together. I sent that over too and they said they liked it but, I’m mostly in the same boat as all you!

More info next week thanks!


I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with the hardware. I hope they don’t change anything for the worse

I don’t guess there will be a color tettris?

There is a color Tetris. The only thing they really changed were they moved the A and B buttons a little bit. Not sure how the LCD screen works, stay tuned for more info this weekend!


There’s a more detailed picture available now:

[Photo: Andrew Liszewski (Gizmodo)]


Damn they killed it, who chose blue over yellow for Pac-Man?

It could have been so pretty

Having the speaker and power switches reversed seems a little odd.

I wonder if those pads above the B button are the usual jumper point for game selection. I

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You think all games are burned on to the one board? It would make sense from a $$ point of view.

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Well that’s what they did for their mini arcade. Could be the same for that.

Well that will save me money! I will just buy one and solder some wires on and onto a switch array,

There’s no need to ad a switch I wired into the joystick for game selection.

Even if it’s burnt as a single game or has a duplicate like my dig dug arcade has it looks like the flash chip is under the B button. In theory we can dump the tiny arcade and transfer it’s library to the microcard arcade.

How did you do that? How did you get the joystick to do two different functions? Is there a boot sequence or something that detects the selection?

I love the test screen it give it a real arcade feeling

The joystick is basically a group of switches the boards us a zero ohm resistor to select game at boot.

This is the glob that’s probably on the back of the board

And the FM25Q16A SPI flash chip

This is all I found on the screen

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I need to do that with my Ms Pacman one. Would be my first time soldering. Any cheap solder kit would do?

Until fairly recently I was using a £5 40w iron for everything including RGH installs.

It’s a pretty easy mod you just need a blob of solder to remove the jumper and tac on 4 tinned wires.

I would recommend using a drop of flux for any soldering. For years I never and struggled before I discovered flux does most of the hard work.

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Ok I am fairly new to this. When I will be ready to solder I might bug you some more for details. Any type of wires preference?

Hey friendos! They told me specifically they are using the same hardware as the tiny arcade just in a different case and different battery. Supposedly they will be sold at the same price so, neat!

I got some video I’ll upload soon.

I wouldn’t be being honest to you if I wasn’t at least a little bit critical because this wasn’t my baby. The buttons are a little heavier than the Arduboy, feels like 100nm instead of 85. The pixels are tiny because of the RGB split, but if you’ve got a Tiny Arcade you already know what you are in for. And it’s a couple mm thicker!

I think it’s great because people who already have Arduboy and like collecting these things would enjoy it. And people who buy these maybe can find out about Arduboy later.

It’s gonna make my head flip seeing it in a store.