Any one hear about the new microarcade things?

You can buy them through amazon global internationally

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And on the Arduboy store too, I think the real complaint as issued before in this thread this isn’t their favorite games. Which, I don’t really know how to help other than tell you to play them on the Arduboy :stuck_out_tongue:


Order the Mega Pack! Tetris, Pac-Man and Arduboy all for $60!


That’s like getting an Arduboy for $20, or like getting the Micro Arcades for $10 each! Massive savings to be had! Limited time offer!!


Why are you doing this to my wallet?!?! rofl
(Also there’s a typo in the image, games has one too many 'm’s?)

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Body of the post is perfectly clear.

Update: I think I ran out of boxes. (Again)

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This came in the mail today. Comes with missle command, centipede and pong as a bonus game. Giving it a test drive and will report on playability.


Where did you get yours? I am waiting for @bateske to get some into his store.

This one seems cool… But still, no score saving… argh

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I preordered on Amazon and it came early.

Game play is a little off in missile command, it runs to fast.

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I got the mega pack, the Tetris micro arcade is decent. Like others have said, the buttons are insanely loud and clicky and not always responsive unless you really smash them.

The rotations feel a little off, definitely different than game boy Tetris but maybe it’s the official super rotation system and I’m just not used to that one.

It has a random opening on the bottom left side, seems like maybe another toggle was planned for that spot but then left out and they didn’t update the plastic case. It was already getting little pieces of dust and whatnot inside the case so I stuck a little piece of packing tape over it.

The color is cool. When holding the Arduboy and micro arcade at the same time you can tell the build quality just isn’t the same. The Arduboy just has an overall tighter feel, and it’s a hair thinner. That being said, the Arduboy I got is slightly bowed. When I lay it flat on its back I can spin it like a top, so it’s not perfectly flat as it should be. The micro arcade lays perfectly flat.

I just got back from holiday to find my Pac-Man Micro Arcade here. As others have said the buttons are heavy and a bit cheap feeling compared to the Arduboy but what really kills it for me is how the crappy audio sounds compared to the Tiny Arcade version.

What happened to all the PCB colours it seems everything released is in the dirty blue so far?

That’s what stopped me from getting that Pac Man Micro Arcade.

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These are only cheap units … are you guys expecting too much?

The audio quality is a step backwards compared to the 1st gen Tiny Arcade I think something a little better than what ATtiny85 Pac-Man has and not worse isn’t much to ask for.

The intro actually doesn’t sound too bad it’s the in game audio that’s more screeching

Most likely it’s fallen victim to the old business tactic of “buy cheaper parts, pocket the difference”.

It’s the technology equivalent of the chocolate bar manufacturers who shrink the size of the chocolate bars but keep the prices the same and hope nobody will notice the difference.

Maybe … or maybe its the form factor. Are they using the same speaker in the ‘cabinet’ and the ‘Micro Arcade’? Probably not and my guess is the MA is using a really flat piezo and maybe the Tiny Arcade is using a more 'traditional speaker. But only a guess …

Yeah @filmote is spot on it uses a speaker in the tiny arcade vs the micro’s piezo sadly they never bothered to edit the audio.
It’s a case of they just recycled the version they already had.

Lucky guess but the space in the casing gives them more room.

At the risk of diverting the conversation, who is the new job going @Keyboard_Camper?

New jobs keeping me busy and going well plus I’ve managed to not smoke for 5 months so I’m guessing it’s pretty low stress.

Here’s a bit of a teardown

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