Any shipping updates?

Is there any updates on pre-order units? I have emailed several times with no respose


Hi @Jack_Bashur , have you tried using our contact form: to reach us?

Thanks for the reply @Joshimuz :slight_smile:

Yes i have tried to contact you guys via email but get no reply. I have tried several times

I have not emailed them directly because I figure the time they would spend replying would be better put to use actually shipping my arduboy, but it sure would be nice to get SOME kind of regular update about what is going on. I check the forum about every 2 weeks and nothing. I imagine there would be less frustrated emails if there was a update every couple of weeks saying “hey, still haven’t shipped because Cthulhu has awakened and is currently blocking shipping lanes in the pacific. We expect Cthulhu to move out of the way in a few days and orders to start being prepped for shipping in a week.” This “should ship in a couple of weeks” update every 3 months is getting kinda old.

I am beyond excited to get this, rest assured my frustration is out of an impatience for a rad idea to make it into my hands, I just wish I was using the forum to learn to use my arduboy rather than scouring for official news about where it is.

Also, from reading posts it looks like there is no tracking information? It just shows up one day? My mailman is the worst and my neighbors are starting a gofundme to get him reading lessons. It would be cool to know whether or not the last link in the shipping chain is the real problem here.


Hey @Jared_Washburn, bulk shipment to our fulfillment center is happening, seems there was some delay in Hong Kong because of the Mid Autumn celebrations last week, but should arrive within this week. Once they are at the fulfillment center in the US, they need 3 days to be processed and then shipped out. A tracking number will be sent after it is individually shipped, so you can check if your mailman missed anything. Apologies on the lack of communications, we are thinking of using the Blog for official communications in the near future. Thanks for your patience!

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Next week! That is the plan!

I got my notice for shipment hopefully this week

Still nothing. no notice of shipment yet. can i please get an update on my order?

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The week is over, I got no email. I hope that next week … another week without Arduboy …

Die Woche ist vorbei, ich habe auch keine E-Mail bekommen. Ich hoffe auf nächste Woche… eine weitere Woche ohne Arduboy

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It’s been over a week since I got the “your Arduboy is ready!” email but still no sign that it’s even dispatched. Is it ready or not?! Any chance of an update please?!


I received the following email from the arduboy team on sunday:

Yes that’s right. We sent out an email giving everyone a chance to update their address information and we had so many responses we decided to hold shipment for just a few more days. We have already begun testing our shipping methods and we are now ready to go.

On Monday we will begin shipping the orders and as they leave the warehouse you will get a tracking number in your email. We are using a mixture of DHL and USPS to fulfill our orders, so be sure to check which carrier is being used with your your shipment.

Thank you for your patience.



Is this week really a problem anymore?
I waited for some month at least so some days don’t make a difference.
This is not Amazon where you know you will get your goods the next day. This is a starting production.

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The problem of impatience would probably not even come up, would not April, but November is communicating from the beginning as the delivery date.
If it had been told on the blog or the website of Haus from each step, and not always then when the impatient community asks.

Celine does here wonderful job and we can only thank you for your patience and your use.

Many people do not have to wait so Problem, or so that it takes longer.
But in order to be put off from one week to the next again …

Das Problem der Ungeduld wäre vermutlich gar nicht erst aufgekommen, hätte man von Anfang an nicht April, sondern November als Auslieferungsdatum kommuniziert.
Wenn es auf dem Blog oder der Website von Haus aus jeder Schritt erzählt worden wäre, und nicht immer nur dann wenn die ungeduldige Community nachfragt.

Celine leistet hier wunderbare Arbeit und man kann Ihr fĂĽr Ihre Geduld und Ihren Einsatz nur danken.

Viele Leute haben kein Problem damit zu warten, oder damit das es länger dauert.
Sondern damit, von einer Woche auf die nächste immer wieder vertröstet zu werden…

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I received the mail “Your Arduboy is Ready” but I have not received news of his expedition. When will you receive? You can make an estimate? Thanks for everything -P3RISH :grinning:

I haven’t received anything and it’s coming up on one year since I ordered (near the end of this month). I keep coming to the forums and since April it seems like we keep hearing “shipping next week!”


Tomorrow is another week past - I’m not angry, now I find it funny. Reminds me of the release of Pandora … was such a disaster

Morgen ist wieder eine Woche vorbei - ich bin nicht verärgert, mittlerweile finde ich es lustig. Erinnert mich an den Release des Pandora…war auch so eine Katastrophe

Hey Everyone! Update: We just submitted all domestic orders, and international orders will be submitted tomorrow. The fulfillment center would need about 1 - 2 days to process your information, and then it will be shipped, with a tracking number sent to your email. :slight_smile:


will I get a email tomorrow? (10/6) I live in California.

Thank you for the update Celine