Any way to buy replacement front piece of arduboy?

There is this annoying scratch like thing in the inside of the front acrylic of my Arduboy that I can see while playing on it. It drove me crazy before, but it was more bareable since I wouldn’t be playing as much. But considering the Arduboy FX upgrade is gonna come out here, I want to be sure my arduboy is going to be the best it can be for playing it before I considering soldering it onto it.

Is there any way for me to buy a front part?

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I’m asking the factory to make extra that I can sell but there aren’t any for replacement right now, sorry.


No worries! It’s not impending the functionality of the Arduboy, causing it to explode, or starting another World War so it can wait.

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How about polish? If it’s a surface scratch you can polish it out.


I know this has been talked about before, but has anyone actually tried polish on an Arduboy? I like to carry mine in my pocket. Even though it’s in their alone it has gathered some light scratches over time. Cleaning the front up would be nice.

Several have tried and as far as I know only one person was able to do it, but it required some really expensive stuff and a professional type process.

It’s made out of some of the most scratch resistant material you can get, similar to safety glasses, actually. But over time it’s impossible to prevent.

I feel like one thing just dinged up against mine one day causing few long scratches. When the screen is on and I’m playing they’re not really noticeable, but knowing what you said, it would be nice if replacements could be sold in the future.

Every time production has occurred, I’ve asked the factory to make extras and sell them to me. Each time, they agree, make a bunch of arduboys, and no extra covers.


You know how that works right :smiley:

“Who was that on the phone?”
“What did he want? Hey by the way what did you do yesterday?”
“Yesterday i was blablabla. Was very cool”
“Ok and what did Kevin want now?”
“Oh, i can’t remember now. Lets ask him next time.”


“Kevin called, he needs some extra cases, please tell production line”
“Hey guys, Kevin called because of extra cases”
“You should make some extra cases”
One worker to the other:
“What did he say?”
“Not sure, we should take extra care for the cases. Maybe some were scratched…”

@mameise exactly … but your forgot the English - Chinese conversion in there.

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True :smiley: That makes it even more funny then. My native language is German and i work on a daily base together with our IT. As it is an Indian company of course all are Indian people. So now my not that good english and their englisch together lets us very often talk about different things even if both think they talk about the same :smiley:


I think it’s more of a case like,

Factory: “Hey we are going to start production tell Kevin, because he wanted to make covers”
Manager: “Hey Kevin we are starting production, how many covers do you want to make?”
Me: “Ok can we make 300 extra covers”
Manager: “He said 300”
Factory: “Cannot, We finished last week”

What I would have needed to have done is placed an order and paid for the covers ahead of time. But I never got a price in time in order to actually do the transaction. I have to get a quote each time, the cost for this stuff changes depending on quantity and how busy the factory is. This time I’ll make a bigger deal about it.


Chinese [phrase] “這句話之後請忘記一切” [pron] “Ké vin bah teš ke” [trans] “Please forget everything after this sentence”


(If ordered from any country other than china please replace china with country in question in order for joke to work, if ordered domestic please forget everything before this sentence)

As for removing scratches on your arduboy, try “displex” scratch remover.
This works on most surfaces, even glass.

Its definitely from China …

@filmote Xiè xiè (Cheers, mate)

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