Anybody here play CS:GO?

Just wondering, since it seems more people here play video games than I thought (especially on Steam). Not really going to share more details right now since it’d be so awkward for anyone who doesn’t play, but if there is anyone who does play I’ll be happy to go into full conversation :). (Don’t worry, I wont roast you for being a Silver; I don’t even have CS:GO Prime though I suspect I might be a Silver Elite or Gold Nova I/II since I’m usually on the podium (first, second, third).

Yeah I know super off-topic.

I grew up playing lan parties of the original cs when it was still in beta. I’ve never tried cs: go but I’ve been playing (and streaming some) bf2042.

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I used to play TF2 many moons ago, but never CS (of any variant).

I do use Steam, but these days I mainly play singleplayer puzzle and mystery games.

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Isn’t CS:GO the game where Valve is doing nothing to stop the selling and purchasing of in-game items to players that are “rare” and ridiculously expensive?

Not saying anything against the people who play the game, but Valve takes full advantage of the players who try to make money in ridiculous ways because it ultimately makes them money too.

Reference: How Valve is Profiting from Steam’s Back-Door Casinos

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Unfortunately macOS Catalina and further can’t support the game because of the lack of 32-bit support :(

Yes, and I completely agree with you. It’s dumb stupid how they can easily sell skins which sell for thousands of dollars and some people will buy them. If I ever keep on playing, I will for sure never buy a skin, cosmetics are such a waste of money, and all just so you can flex your money on everybody else but inevitably become so hated you get killed first in every round.

Some skins are pretty cheap I guess, but still you’re better off saving your dollar-fifty for something else.


There are plenty of people with more money than brains. And since crypto this is even more true.

That said league of legends is also free to play selling skins, and over the years I’ve dumped in a little over 20 bucks into that game. I don’t play it any more but when I did it was a fun little way to spend 5 bucks when I was bored and if the friends I played with would laugh at or get a little kick out of the skin… When you play it all the time it does kind of add to the experience strangely enough.

But the whole secondhand marketplace for digital items that’s a whole other can of worms. Brilliant in some ways, evil in others.


It is incredibly sad and one of the reasons I’ve switched to Windows for gaming. TF2 is great.


They’re far from the only ones though.

Even if Valve stopped, they’d only lose custom to another company willing to take up the mantle because the kinds of people abusing the system would flock to another platform.

Really the whole industry needs better regulation before any kind of long-term dent can be made. E.g. loot crates need to be legally recognised as gambling to ensure they face the same kinds of regulation as e.g. online casinos.

I also believe that parents also have a responsibility to check what their children are spending money on, and to take precautions like not saving credit card information to phones and tablets. (That’s not a guarantee of course, but it’s at least an extra set of obstacles.)

I was under the impression that the dropping of 32-bit support just meant not supporting 32-bit computers. If they no longer run any 32-bit software then they’re foolishly missing out on a lot of good software.

I know for a fact that Linux can run TF2. Valve rewrote it using the cross platform library SDL (which is a very good library used for quite a lot of games).

This is the best policy for a gamer to take as far as I’m concerned.

Microtransactions only continue to work because people continue to be willing to spend the money. Aside from pushing for legislation, the best way to prevent it is to not give them your money in the first place. If nobody used it then it wouldn’t be profitable.

Well, apart from the bot epidemic in recent years.

But it’s never really been a serious game, so I don’t let that spoil the fun for me.

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I also play fall guys and flight simulator :smiley: