Anyone considered the Game&Watch games?

Hi All…

I’m not much of a programmer but I was wondering if anyone was considering re-creating some of the Game&Watch games. In particular I think that ‘Crystal’ Climber was one of the very best in the series. If you remember there were 2 “Crystal” screen games, Balloon Fight and Climber. Those type of games just seem like a perfect fit for this project.



you mean like this:

iv thought about it, (my first Arduboy game chicken cross was kind of inspired by something like this) but the arduboy is capable of so much better.
Making it closer to the NES version would be more appealing to me.

I have considered it, yes. There are some great examples with source code available here:

I think that Climber was a most excellent game out of the two. Using the following link: goto about 1:30 to see and hear actual game play.

BTW, I saw your game Chicken Cross… Nice job :smile:

Thanks for responding.

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Wow, I didn’t realize there was a link with all that info. Thanks for that…