Anyone get their protective case on Ebay? Which one did you get?

I’m wanting to get one for mine, but I’m not sure what would fit.

I found a post about this the first few days I was searching this site. Here it is.

Edit: I found that you have replied to this article, and I have found a case that fits the Arduboy perfectly. If it does not fit, there are 14-day returns. You also asked specifically for a case from eBay. Also, keep in mind that it’s for a KODAK camera.

Thanks for the link! you think one of these would hold an Arduboy?

I think it should fit. It specifically says that it would fit 6-8 credit cards, and the Arduboy is as thin as 3-4 credit cards. The Arduboy also has a width of 1 normal credit card.

If it doesn’t fit, it says this in the description:image