Anyone got this game working? Pixel Space Odyssey


I just found out about this game, coded by Alex Lementuev and looks awesome, over a year old, no information about it at all here.

Searched around and found the source code on GitHub and hasn’t been updated in a while.

Wouldn’t compile complaining about core.h not found, probably a typo in hud.cpp so changed it to core/core.h and it compiles without errors.

Loaded it to Arduboy and it runs, really nice dark atmospheric graphics but the moment player dies it just sort of hangs.

Wondering why no one has ever mentioned it on here and if anyone has got it working properly? Or if anyone can have a look and find out if there’s an easy fix? Can’t code my way out of a paper bag so please someone take a look. It’s too beautiful a game to be ignored.

Huh, neat game, shame it doesn’t appear to be in a playable state.

In the “hud.cpp” file replace core.h with core/core.h to get it working.

There’s an Arduboy group on facebook where he had been updating with his progress. I haven’t heard anything about it in a while though. It is definitely very impressive visually.

EDIT Here’s the group

That looks really good. I’m just wrapping my head around 8x8 square tiles so this is kind of trippy for me. I like it though, I can see that as a future direction for me, maybe.