Anyone making a new game?

Its been a little quiet on the games front?

Anyone working on anything new?

I am working on one of my all time favourites and might share some sneak previews if others share theirs.


I know a few people were, I suspect there are some that are waiting for me to actually launch the FX game jam. Or at least have something started without the motivation to finish that this could provide perhaps.

I’ve been doing development on new blocks on the kid but on new hardware…

I have been watching that development … so many particles!

The game I am making uses the FX heavily - there is no way I could fit the logic and graphics into a non-FX Arduboy.

Is it wrong to be working on a game already for an upcoming Jam?

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Yeah the jam has been announced several times just not officially launched. And the theme is still outstanding so you’ll have to adapt.

I wasn’t thinking of myself there. As I mentioned, mine is a remake of one of my all time favourites and there will be no ‘adapting’ :slight_smile:


Always excited for the next PPOT instalment! Can we get a clue? Does the original name start with ‘K’ or ‘P’ ?

K or p? What are you thinking??

K has been done already i think. :yum:

I’m explicitly not making a game, but I have been helping one or two people work on their own games (when I have time to do so).

It’s not for me to comment on what they are or when they might be done though.

(These days I’m more interested in teaching people new things than making games anyway. I find it more rewarding to help others get their games working than to work on something myself.)

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Still been trying to work on mine, and at the very least kicking around ideas for something more realistic if this one doesnt work out.


I’ve got a few game ideas brewing but I’ve been waiting for the FX jam to start coding and making assets.

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I got ideas for a new game but I need to finish the ones on my project heap first :stuck_out_tongue:

‘K’ – for an extended / faster Karataka?
‘P’ – Prince of Persia remix?

FateHack (heap,object-prototyping roguelike lib) - Games - Arduboy

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Is that Pineapple Computer after he Apple II clone? I remember those.

:laughing: i didn’t know of their existence


Experimenting with grayscale and anti-aliased fonts. It’d be cool to make a grayscale RPG.


@Prototype was working on a pirate game last time I checked?