Anyone making a new game?

Still been trying to work on mine, and at the very least kicking around ideas for something more realistic if this one doesnt work out.


I’ve got a few game ideas brewing but I’ve been waiting for the FX jam to start coding and making assets.

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I got ideas for a new game but I need to finish the ones on my project heap first :stuck_out_tongue:

‘K’ – for an extended / faster Karataka?
‘P’ – Prince of Persia remix?

FateHack (heap,object-prototyping roguelike lib) - Games - Arduboy

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Is that Pineapple Computer after he Apple II clone? I remember those.

:laughing: i didn’t know of their existence


Experimenting with grayscale and anti-aliased fonts. It’d be cool to make a grayscale RPG.


@Prototype was working on a pirate game last time I checked?

The anti-aliased fonts look great. It looks like its based on a 3x5 or 3x6 pixel font. It will be interesting to see much more readable this makes the text. The photo looks impressive!

That should be interesting. His game ‘Rooftop Rescue’ was perfect.

PPOT and @clintonium-119 are progressing with Prince of Persia - but we have a long, long way to go.

Here are some action shots:



Some of the graphics (the title screen in particular) need a lot of clean up but its slowly getting there. All the images and level maps are being sourced from the FX chip. I am finding the devil is in the detail when it comes to movements in this one - for example, making sure that the prince is in the ‘correct’ position before jumping up (so that you do not have to move the player horizontally to ensure they land actually on the level) without making the game to precise. Nobody wants to play a game where you have to be exactly at the right spot to do something.

I have noticed in the original that sometimes the prince magically jumps a few pixels left / right to perform certain tasks. I am proud to say that I am having the same issues as Jordan Mechner! Makes me feel that I am getting better as a programmer :slight_smile:


Did you ever determine the rights to the game? It might need a different name…

Take it with a pinch of salt, but Reddit seems to think Ubisoft own the rights.

To be honest, I doubt “Prince of Persia” could be copyrighted trademarked because it’s a real title that has been in use, though the fact ‘Persia’ technically no longer exists and the title is no longer in active use might be cited as a potential loophole.

If they were to kick-off, they’re likely to cite ‘look and feel’ as complaints anyway, so changing the title would probably only avoid grabbing attention, it likely wouldn’t prevent legal action.

That said, a title change might at least avoid acquiring unwanted attention.

@filmote, if you are in the market for a new name, might I suggest “Prince of Lemuria” or “Prince of Zealandia”?

(I’m hoping you’ll get the reference/joke, but those are quite obscure ‘places’, so possibly not.)

Lol yes reddit is great legal advice. It’s not the copyright I’m as interested in as the trademark. Earlier post seemed to indicate the author of the game retains the rights to the trademark.

In all cases Jordan knows Press Play On Tape from our version of Karateka on Pokitto and never bothered us. He even liked it.

Probably unlikely to be a problem. And we dont make money with it.

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Ouch, thanks for reminding me. It unfortunately ended up the pile of unfinished projects. I will see if I can pick it up.

Here’s a gameplay fragment


That’s looking really good … please finish it!

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Some progress … although the Prince can still run in mid-air at times and fall through solid walls!