Anyone remember the old Ti85 game Drug Wars?

I’m starting to wonder if it’d be possible to code for Arduboy…

Anyone got any ideas?

Looking at the Wikipedia article and a video It would probably be possible.

Might be easier to reinterpret it than try to get it like the original.
Or if you can find some source code for the original, it would be easy enough to adapt.

If ported it would be our first ever game about drugs and loan sharks.

Drugwars is the first one.

Correction: - That’s got a link …that works.

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I take back ‘easy’, I forgot people used to actually make whole programs in assembly :P.

Seriously though, it’s got all the relevant strings and it’s pretty small so it’s definitely doable, it’s just a question of reverse engineering the original or even just playing by eye to make something similar.

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I think the Arduboy world needs calculator emulators (We are getting spoiled by @FerJerez) :blush: