APara - Classic Paratrooper Catching Game

I programmed a paratrooper game for the Arduboy.

The aim is to catch the paratroopers jumping out of a helicopter before they fall in the water.

The game is playable but not finished yet, the graphics need more work, and the jump sequence / difficulty needs to be tuned.

Please try it out, I am new to the Arduboy and looking for tips and feedback, especially on how to design the difficulty, do you prefer the same sequence for each game or a random jump sequence?


Can you post a picture or screenshot? Those really help people get an idea for the game choosing to download it! :slight_smile:


I added a picture above. Please see also a short screen cast on Youtube:


Epic! This is a famous game and watch isn’t it!? :slight_smile:

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How are you getting on with that?

Is this a port of the Nootropic desgin game Parachute written for Arduino TV-out ?

source on https://nootropicdesign.com/hackvision/games.html

Just a question nothing more :slight_smile:

It looks like the GFX are new

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JO3RI, I didn’t know about the Nootropic design game (and neither about Arduino TV out).
Thanks for the pointer

I just added sprites for the paratroopers. Next I will probably do a Game B (with a trooper caught in the tree) and some tuning. Now the missing graphics are the sharks in the water.


This is fab, and could start of Game and Watch porting trend :slight_smile:


Warning: platform.txt from

*EDIT: sorry man but posting the complete output of your error like you did was not helpful.

I tried to compile the game and it worked fine. use IDE 1.6.13 and install arduboy library and library 2

Cool hé isn’t it ? BUT all these games are licensed … AND Nintendo isn’t interested in giving a license for their games on other hardware than their own … Maybe we should ask again ?

OK that’s fair… I am using 1.6.13 as well, and checked all the libraries you mentioned are up to date prior to posting. I guess I’ll just keep fussing with it then.

there is no reason why you can’t make up your own.
there is one that was on the Apple app store

@Mortician that’s strange … you downloaded the game, you do have Arduino IDE 1.6.13 and you say you’ve got all libraries installed … are you able to compile and upload other games?

@ScrumpyJack completely true !

Maybe an Arduboy factory where you have to catch Arduboy dropping out of a conveyor belt and you have to move Kevin to “catch 'm all” :joy:


I can not replicate the error. I am compiling on linux. I will try to use stricter compiler options, but i dont have much Arduino experience.

If you find out the cause of the error or a fix, please comment on the github issue.

I just deleted and re-installed all arduboy related libraries. Your code compiles now, but it’s all ‘glitchy’. I have other apps that worked before and they are all glitchy not as well. I know it’s not the unit, as I bought two and just tried my brand new never used green arduboy and experienced the same. Something is wrong with my build platform and I don’t know how to fix it other than re-installing Arduino IDE and arduboy libs, which I have done. I can compile code for my digistump oak, esp 8266 and various other embedded geeky boards I own. I dunno. I’ll have to fiddle I guess.

Make sure you are using Arduboy library version 1.1.1

Just because other people have got away with it doesn’t always mean you will too :wink: