Apprentice wizard (みならいまほうつかい)

This game teach you the way to draw “MagicalCircle”.

This game supports English and Japanese.


apprentice-wizard.hex (64.9 KB)


This game is super interesting I love Magic Circles I gotta try and master it


Wow … this is really good!

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@inajob は魔道士ですね?知りませんでした!:P

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I absolutely love your entry. Even though we are participating too, this entry needs to win too. Great job! Looks good, plays well. Like the theme too. Overall awesome!


I tried Practice first, then went into Arcade mode, and it looks like it doesn’t reset the current shape selection, so I was confused when after doing the first stage, I then was introduced into shape changing.

BTW, this looks amazing

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What a unique game! Looks fantastic.

I was a bit confused thinking the ‘Practice’ mode would teach you the game. But just playing the ‘Arcade’ mode had really nice introductions. Perhaps ‘Practice’ should be renamed ‘Sketch’?.

I’ve just added it to the Game List with your other titles. Please feel free to edit :slight_smile:


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Thank you for good feedback!
I’ll change from ’Practice’ to ‘Sketch’ in next version.


Thank you for your playing.
I’ll let reset the current shape when start the Arcade mode.

(And change the name from ‘Practice’ to ‘Sketch’. )



Oh, this game is freaking sweet!!

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Is there any way of erasing an incorrectly placed shape?

B+A is reest all shapes. It is the only way to erasing shapes.

Drawing magical circles is very sensitive work, you can’t undo only one shape. :wink:



You could probably remove the last shape pretty easily (however, I haven’t seen the code so maybe it isn’t)!


This would be so good with particle effects! :fireworks: … maybe even some camera shake for added power (~ Dr. Strange) !

Something like the particle effect in Unicorn Dash - when you get the Star power-up. :star_struck:


It seems be good.
But there are few space in Flash.
I must reduce code size.


Release v1.1


  • update latest libraries
  • change mode name: Practice to Sketch
  • reset cursor mode in the begining of Arcade mode

Thanks for the new release. I’ve been playing around a bit more and sent your some GitHub PR’s to review :wink:
Please could you also consider:

  • Sound - There’s no way to toggle on/off without using an external program. My game was muted due to my EEPROM setting. I think the sound adds a nice element.
  • Why have an Up and Down triangle… AFAIK they are equivalent and adds more code. (Also want to change shapes a little quicker for the time trial!).
  • The flashing menu cursor and in game drawing is quite distracting. The strobing is less if you set an in-game frame rate of 60fps… but I worry that will unnecessarily use more CPU and shorten battery life. Ideally you try different refresh patterns: blank 1 frame, then keep the image 2 or 3 frames?

In terms of game size, I’m impressed you are including two large font sets and using a lot of floating point maths! It may be worth trying the smaller ArudboyBeep library (by @MLXXXp) and there’s also the fixed point math library (by @Pharap) …?

Many thanks!

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Or maybe make it a slow flash, using everyXFrames() or something similar.

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Can’t you use the boot sequence :slight_smile:

Audio mute control

Pressing and holding the B button when powering on will enter System Control mode. The RGB LED will light blue (red for an incorrect LED) to indicate that you are in system control mode. You must continue to hold the B button to remain in this mode. The only system control function currently implemented is audio mute control .

Pressing the UP button (while still holding B ) will set a flag in system EEPROM indicating audio enabled . The RGB LED will flash green once (off for an incorrect LED) to indicate this action.

Pressing the DOWN button (while still holding B ) will set the flag to audio disabled (muted). The RGB LED will flash red once (blue for an incorrect LED) to indicate this action.

Releasing the B button will exit system control mode and the sketch will continue.