Ardens: Arduboy Simulator for Profiling and Debugging

Thanks for the nice comment. :blush: Projects like your raycaster that benefit from inspecting assembly and performance bottlenecks are its original purpose (it was frustration with grayscale dev that kicked it off). It’s become more widely used for emulation than for profiling now, so I’m glad it’s useful to you as well in what I think is its core strength.


One tiny feature I’ve been thinking about is it would be nice to be able to press the ESC key to close out of the ArdensPlayer (don’t think it would be good for the Ardens profiler tool). I’m really enjoying the ability to fully test out my code using the ArdensPlayer and have everything setup via command line using a simple Makefile but that’s the one annoyance is having to grab the mouse and click the little X to close out the player.


If you’re on Windows you should be able to just use Alt+F4.
I don’t know if Linux or macOS have an equivalent.
(By some accounts Ctrl+Q might work on some Linux versions?)

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While that does work on linux I generally avoid it because of bugs that haven’t existed in over a decade but formed a habit of avoiding unless absolutely necessary.

For reference at least on Linux Alt+F4 doesn’t send a “Shutdown” signal allowing a program to safely exit (though in this case there really shouldn’t be any harm), instead it is the functional equivalent of the command kill -9 which is to terminate the program without warning.

And nope Ctrl+Q doesn’t work, at least on my system.

Generally it’s better for programs like this to have a built in key that will exit the program besides clicking the X. Though this is a very minor feature and can wait until there’s other fixes/improvements being made. Or at the very least implemented and available when there’s enough good fixes/improvements to warrant a new release as again it’s only a minor nuisance.

That’s a shame. On Windows Alt+F4 does exactly the same thing as clicking the X - it just adds a WM_CLOSE message to the message queue. (So it won’t stop programs that aren’t responding to the messages in their queue - you’d need task manager or taskkill for that.)

I would have thought there would be an equivalent on Linux.

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Added exactly this: v0.30.32


It might now. Way back when the kill bug existed Alt+F4 was the equivalent of kill -9. Come to think about it if I press it on a program stuck in a loop it doesn’t go away immediately. Pressing again pulls up the “Do you want to terminate this task?” dialog (which is what happens if you click the X button a second time) so it might actually be doing that now.

Well you are far too quick to add awesome features sir :+1:


Command Q for app and Command W for window on Mac

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