Ardu_Dungeon _Dice

Yay Video Games. My friends and i have been playing a game Called Dungeon Dice and no not the board game thing i mean a game we made up. Its a pretty cool game but you can decide that for your self on this port i made.
Controls: A-Continue B-Select D_Pad-Navagate

I am not sure how I to play. I choose skull and its says ‘You Won’ …

What are the rules??

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Those were the only rules! You’ve won! Good job! :smiley:

But that was the only thing I selected. I have won now every time I select the skull … seems a little easy :slight_smile:

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Is this a work in progress or a full game?

Seem like a good start but it feels a bit incomplete.

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you select the skull. you poison him. he doesnt heal he dies from poison because when you use it it damages him every turn including when you select it. basically your rolling high

you could adjust the health. note everything is halved so 50 health is 100