Ardu-Game-Boy [WIP]

nice, it even has a pea greenish tint in the display.

The display is actually a green OLED but my phone has a problem capturing the green color correctly.

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When your done you should make a build guide. It would be fun to make this.

I love this. now i want one. thank you.


Oh no another project :scream:

Awesome stuff didn’t you have a matching Arduboy?


Green on green, I am a fan

Fantastic … love it.

I’ll post more pictures here and add some details.

Yes I like translucent green :smile:

Here’s where I started. I marked the outline of the display area with a hobby knife then cut away most of the excess plastic inside the marked area with a rotary tool and used a hobby knife again to cut away the last bits for nice straight lines.

once the display fits nicely I stuck the lens onto the front using masking tape so the display can rest on it while you hotglue it securely from the inside. Make sure you add enough hotglue around the display without any air gaps /holes (this will help prevent getting dust on the display.

After the hotglue has hardened you can remove the lens again and add aome thin black tape (I used some from a label printer). After applying the tape I cut away about ~2.5mm of tape around the edges with a hobby knife. so the lens adhesive can stick to the case securely.

Display hot glued

Black tape added


Man, imagine somehow being able to use a giant screen like people have done with Pi’s, except it’s just black/white. <3



Same. Now i really want to build this too.


I am already buying some stuff online, including some Gameboy shells.


If there is interest in making a GameBoy-shaped ‘kit’, I still have the PCB designs I used for these:


Oooh… I have a spare Gameboy Pocket case that would be ripe for this… Add it to the list of projects I need to build… be an awesome mod to build the flash mod into a gameboy cart too :wink:

Awesome. A Gameboy sized Arduboy would be pretty sweet.

Ah finaly, a secret marriage between a Gameboy zero and a Arduboy.
Guess the children wil be tiny MintyPi’s…

Nice job Mr Blinky.
And much less complex than the Gameboy Zero (i know, i build one).


A sudomod (gameboy zero and mintypi community) member named Tinkerboy makes this pcb’s Game Boy Controller.

This puppies drop right in a (aftermarket) gameboy case, and include a atmega32u4!

The other breakout board is a pam audio amp…

Zeroboy sells a even simpler version…

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And with this lipo in the battery compartiment (fit’s in with little modding, just remove the bottom battery ribs and spring plates), you can play for days…


Nice. didn’t know that was around. So I made a perfboard version :grin: :

It fits nicely at the backplate just under the cart slot so a flash cart and USB connector are accessible from the cart slot (old picture) :

Nice, i am a big fan off homemade solutions.
The boards i mentioned are great, but take away the fun of tinkering :wink:

I see you also used a pam amp, is this connected to the piezo output pins?

I have some bigboy parts laying around and also some of these amps, only thing missing is a dmg case :smiley: