Ardu-imconvert - A desktop image converter for Arduboy


I’ve made a desktop image converter for the arduboy. The idea was to make a fast application that can display in real time converted data to help me in my game/application development.

It supports windows, linux and macos and it is published under GPLv3.

You can build it using the qt creator project from the repository.
Or you can download pre-built versions for the last version.

Feedback is welcome!


Image above is not displaying.

Should be fixed (permission problem), thanks!

That’s better.

Thanks for this. I’ll give it a try when I come to do the sprites for my next game.


Just updated it.



  • Simple assets directory browser (allows to fast switch between images in the same directory).
  • Fixed bug on transparent pixels conversion to mask data.

See top post for download link.

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You may wish to consider adding support for the compression format used by @igvina’s ArdBitmap library.

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I already thought of that, but there is only the code for decompressing on github. I couldn’t find the source code to compress.
I will contact him.


Just updated it and added early support of ArdBitmap.



  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Early support of compression from Ardbitmap library

See top post for download link.


New update!



  • UI change: added format combo for easy data format conversion

See top post for download link.

I reworked the UI: now you can choose from different format to display the data of your image, depending which function you are using in your project.

Formats you can choose from (for the moment):

  • None (raw data)
  • RLE Cabi compressed
  • Arduboy2::drawBitmap
  • Arduboy2::drawCompressed
  • Sprites::drawExternalMask
  • ArdBitmap::drawCompressed

i wish for a os x version.

I don’t have a mac so I can’t provide a prebuild version for osx …
But as it is pretty standard code you should be able to build the application for mac.
If you want I can help you to do it.

I’ve managed to make prebuilt for macos and also linux versions, enjoy!
Tell me if there is any problem.

See top post for downloading links.

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Amazing, it works great! Now you need a neat app icon :smiley:

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It is just an early test version because I’m using a virtual machine for macos.
Better menu integration and icon will come with another update.

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Is there a reason for the 256x256 limit?

I think that is the limit for the Arduboy2 lib’s draw function.

Thanks for the handy program -
Feature request: invert black/white?

Because all draw functions (from Arduboy2, Sprite, etc.) store/read their width and height on unsigned char (8bits).
So I enforced the size limit.

But I can unlock it if you want: it will be only for the None and RLE formats, other formats will be deactivated if the size is over 256.

Yeah right i understand.
It really isn’t necessary to enable it.
I’m just having an edge case with my font wich is 4x384, but i can do that with any other tool too.

I was thinking about crazy image size but in fact, this kind of image size (very high or very long) which contains more than one bitmap is a very good argument for me to unlock this restriction and handle it correctly.
I will do it in next update.