Ardu-man: ("inspired" by Pac-Man)

(Josh Goebel) #21

Just change the frame rate to make it faster/slower. (easiest way)

(Sebastian Perez Galarza) #22

the game is incredible! definitely one of my favorites … last week let him play with my ARDUBOY a 7 year old girl … She seemed boring, once you explain how the game works and how to play, her charm, she began to play with goals, she learned how to dodge enemies and how to eat them. she loves the game. it is a neighbor, and every time she sees me, ask me where is your arduboy? to play…

(Cody) #23

Cool game by the way awesome work!


WHAT? WAIT- ARE YOU SETH ROBINSON? THE GUY WHO MADE GROWTOPIA? HOW DID I FIND YOU? I used to play your games all the time, man!


Guilty as charged, thanks! :grin:


This was the only game i ever wanted and i want choplifter and defender and raider lol.