ARDU ROAD, a Enduro remake for Arduboy

Hi everyone, when i initially got the Arduboy i wanted to work on an Atari 2600 game that i just loved called Enduro, i don’t know if anybody knows that game but it’s basically a racing game where you have to pass as much cars as possible in the fastest time. You have a limited time each day to pass a certain amount of cars and there was a day to night cycle, even weather changes like snow. So there was day time, night time with a limited view and you only see the backlights of the cars instead of the complete cars, in the snow the handling becomes harder.

There was even a ‘cruise-control’ feature that you can set the speed to a level and let go of the gas to set it to that speed, keeping it like that until you press the brakes.

So far i only worked on what could be the graphic parts of it. Like most people here, time is not something i have a lot of, and i am not a programmer but i wanted to try my hand at it somehow. For now, if someone wants to team up with me for taking over the coding part you are more then welcome. If not i am sure i will find time to learn and do it myself for next year. :wink:

WIP Title Screen

Music Selection Screen

Day Time


Night Time

Main Car animation

Graphic assets download : HERE
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Looks good.

Have you designed graphics for the cars at various distances? The standard Arduboy libraries do not have image scaling and even if they did, they wouldn’t be as nice as these graphics. If you sort the graphics out, I am sure someone will jump in to help with the development.

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Ardbitmap does.

Thank you, before designing them at different distances i wanted to be sure that it was needed since storing more sprites would take more memory right? the other cars at night are just square backlights so maybe those don’t need different sprites for different distance?

As for during day, could it be a good idea to just do 3 sprites (1 close, 1 medium distance and 1 far) and use the same sprites for the opponent cars but with reverse pixel (white would be black and black would be white).

Just trying to make it so that we save as much memory as we can to add another feature like maybe a music selection screen a little like in Outrun maybe? 3 simple songs, or maybe just 2 songs and a turn off sound option?

For those wondering why i made the cars like they are on the screens above like they are, it’s only to look a bit more like the original game while being upgraded a little.

But i also made a car sprite like this:

Only thing is that it may be too big to be usable efficiently. I will some more on the car sprites and make the different distances.

I tried my hand at creating 3 different sprite for 3 distances. Could that be workable if it’s as the below image?

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Here’s what could be the Sound option screen, 2 radio station (songs) and Sound Off option.


Looks great, hope i can play it one day.

Thank you, right now i am more working on the graphics and concepts. If someone wants to team up with me and take the coding part, you may be able to play on it sooner. If all else fail, sometimes next year maybe.

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What are you going to use for the music? :slight_smile:

I would help if i could, but my programming skills are limited to some basic knowledge of turbo pascal in the 80‘s, and i don’t remember much of it, but i do know if something has potential :wink:

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Best guess would be ATMLIB2, but i don’t know much about coding on the Arduboy. My only knowledge is coding on a Commodore Vic-20, a TRS-80 and some Quick basic.
I got the idea of that music selection screen after a comment you made on the Ard Drivin game.

But then again i think it will all depend on how much space we have left.

Yes. space is always the concern on these devices. Lots of room to get space back – removal of non-required functions (Flashlight, etc…)

Did a couple things.

  • Revamped the title screen
  • Sprites for 3 different distances opponents cars are done
  • Music selection radio screens with button animation are done.
  • Updated the preview screens in initial post
  • Added a download link of the graphic assets done so far (sprites)

I also noticed that the graphics alone seem to take a lot of space, maybe it takes less when compressed?
Just the music selection screen takes a lot. should i make 1 static screen and the presse buttons as seperate sprites?

Yes. Compression may help but minimising the graphics will always help. I

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Compressing graphics will almost always reduce the image size (unless it’s something that doesn’t compress well under the current compression scheme), but using compressed graphics does come at a speed cost, so it’s a bit of a balancing act.

If your cars are symmetrical then it might be worth looking to see if someone’s got a drawing function that can flip sprites, then you could halve the sprite size and draw the full car by drawing half and then drawing it again, but flipped.

I was looking at that radio and trying to recall whether the RLE was horizontal or vertical. If vertical, then this image may not compress nicely.

Thank you, the opponent cars are symetrical, but the main car isn’t, just because i made is so that the head of the passenger is lower then the driver, but if i have to i can easily change that.

I just updated the graphic assets so that the music selection screen is now made of only 1 static background and sprites for the buttons pressed and not pressed are separate. Looks like i save around 10kb right there (not compressed).

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I’ve already mentioned ArdBitmap, which can mirror compressed bitmaps both vertically and horizontally (and also scale them down).

Hi, I tried to install Arduroad in my homemade Arduboy and I get the line at the bottom, just like Firepanic. Could they solve it just like they did for Firepanic?


Unfortunately, this is a non-working game so far. It is not a simple case of fixing the rendering as half the game isn’t there!