ARDU ROAD, a Enduro remake for Arduboy

Aha! So this was the game you were referring to recently :wink:


@FJNM Please don’t request every game developer to port their game to your handheld. It makes more sense for you to learn how to do it yourself as then the entire catalog of games is available to you.


@bateske. You are absolutely right. I would like to learn how it is done. I would be very interested in learning. Could someone explain to me how it is done with some practical example? Is there any kind of tutorial where I explain it so I can learn it? I would greatly appreciate someone’s help.

Regards and thank you very much

That’s actually easier said than done…

If a game isn’t using arduboy.display() that means it’s probably doing something weird,
in which case you’d need quite a bit of programming and hardware knowledge to figure out what the code is doing and why before you could even attempt to fix it.

Unfortunately, probably not.

Fixing this kind of problem can really only be done on a case-by-case basis.

Fortunately, any game using arduboy.display() should work automatically (thanks to @Mr.Blinky’s Arduboy2 variants).
It’s only the rare few that aren’t using arduboy.display() that won’t work.
95-99% of games should be using it, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem anyway.