Ardu Turf Masters

Hi all!
This is my entry for the Jam#2

A Golf game (my tribute to the classic Neo turf masters).

Your main goal is to fill your card with the lowest score possible.

You can replay holes to improve your score.

**UPDATE: (Last minute BUG ) Solved a small bug. Doesn’t show under par results :wink: **

HEX file:


Full description:

Fernando Jerez 2017

Entry for the Arduboy Jam #2 (December 2017)


Fill your card with the less score possible.
You can replay any hole to improve your score.

In TITLE Screen you can select hole using LEFT-RIGHT
After every hole, you advance to the next (push A) or back to the title (push B)



Plan yor hit: Check the terrain using LEFT-RIGHT.
Select Club (UP-DOWN keys): The number at right is the distance of first rebund at 100% power
Click A when the POWER BAR is where you nedd it.
Avoid WATER!! +1 hit when ball falls into water.

Card Data saved in EEPROM (300-317)

Good luck and enjoy!

Download from GitHub:

A fast and crappy video :wink:


A couple of suggestions:

  • Use EEPROM.update() instead of EEPROM.write() to avoid unnecessary writes to EEPROM when the value hasn’t changed.

  • In the GitHub repository, move the arduturf.ino.leonardo.hex file and the material folder out of the arduturf folder. Neither is required to compile the game, so they just clutter up the folder if it’s copied or moved to the Arduino IDE sketchbook.

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Thanks for suggestions. First time i use the EEPROM.


All changes done!! thanks for suggestions :+1::+1:

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This is my Card so far!!

Share your scores!! #arduturf

After a final testing, i could improve my score.

A made a call to @eried and @shdwwzrd if they want to include in their collections :wink:

I will, eventually. But you can too :smiley:

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ok, i forgot that i can do it!!

A hole in one! The side view also gave me pleasant memories of Flying Disk in California Games.

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