Ardu-Whack - Whack them all!



How to play

Whack them all to make the highest score!

Use D-Pad (arrows on desktop) to move the hammer, and A to smash the hammer. On desktop, you can quit using Escape key.


Eried's Unofficial Repo :)
(Erwin) #2

Lovely animations, even the menu is cute :smiley:

The eyes blinking when there is no time left looks kinda weird though.


That’s a good point, I will update that.

(Michael) #4

Fun game.

You may want to change the location you are saving to EEPROM. The first 16 bytes of EEPROM are reserved by the Arduboy library for system use.



  • Moved eeprom saved data to comply with arduboy2 library eeprom management (thanks to @shdwwzrd)
  • Mole won’t show if there is not enough time to go out (thanks to @eried)


(Pharap) #6