ArduBaby - Half credit card sized Arduboy with swappable button hats and built in flash cart


Thanks for the encouragement. I may not have time and the skill to make more of these.

If you like my design, I can share my easyEDA folder here. Feel free to work on it to make a PCB out of it. Thanks.

I do not have 3D printers. I do not know how to make a PCB.
I like making things by hand and soldering wire one by one with perf board. This way I can continue to modify my perf board when a new idea come to my mind. If I make it on PCB, once the PCB is delivered, everything is fixed.


I just made the second paddle that connect be connected directly to the the game console or through an extension cable.
ArduboyNG seems to function well here. No signs of shaking bats.

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #43

Yes i understand. I like it anyway and thanks for your scheme :wink: I definitively have to do one…


This is a proof of concept of the linked display on the brainless console (on the left).

Seems to work.

(Scott) #45

The signals are all digital and have no effect on the brightness. As long as there’s enough drive current (which there should be) and the increase in capacitance (especially due to wire length) isn’t to great, running two displays in parallel shouldn’t be a problem.

You could also try putting a resistor between the paddle output and the pin, and leave out the resistors on the ends of the paddle VR. This would give you full range for the paddle, when the button is open, but protect from the shorting situation you described. The downside is that you would have the problem of detecting a “button press” when the the VR is at the ground side.



Thanks for the alternate circuit. This is useful. May be I’ll insert a 4.7K resistor to ground to avoid button pressed when the VR goes to 0hm. This will improve from the current 1/3 of the range to 508-1023. Much better. Shaking of the cannon much reduced.


Here is a video of the paddle and linked video test.

(Kevin) #48

One Ardubaby, Two Screens?


Yes. That’s the idea. Because the screen may be a bit small for two persons to watch together during a ping pong game , unless they want to develop into couples :slight_smile:


I like how the buttons look. What kind (of buttons) are they?

Does it have rubber (feels like having rubber inside? Or do it just feel like Arduboy’s metallic domes?

I like ones made from conductive flexible better. They don’t wear out.


These silent buttons do not use metalic domes. As they are completely silent . It feels like conductive rubber.


They look like conductive rubber too.
Great choice. I’ll buy myself a good batch of that.


I hooked up my 2.4" SSD1309 with a link cable to another homemade Arduboy with a 1.5" SSD1309 and played the long cartoon of bad apple. See this video.


Upgraded my other home made Arduboy with the same button hat design and linked display with a joystick.