ArduBigBOY (WAS: My Homemade: Pro Micro, SSD1309, with Flash Cart)

and it also can patch Arduino Micro reverse LED polarity on the fly :slight_smile:

My vote is for Arduboy XL for a big :smiley:

I saw you can purchase replacement lenses for Gameboy with a smaller bezel with button controller board. So adding a 2.42" inch to gameboy shell would look pretty cool. Can’t wait to get started on mine :smiley:

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Did you project to sell kits with some fragile components already solder ? And if yes, have you an idea of the price it’s could be ?

Good question … I would like one too!

This version doesn’t use the Pro Micro, just the raw ATmega32U4 IC like the official Arduboy.

Nice. But that might infringe on the existing trademark???

Yes, as long at that isn’t against the rules??? The bill of materials is probably at least double the official version (mostly the larger display), but I can probably make a few kits available for roughly the same price.

:+1: Once it is finished and verified working, I will release the schematics and board files and/or make some kits available.


Nice :wink: I had hesitate to make mine as i was not sure it’s would works… :slight_smile:

What should we call this version?

  • ArduBigBOY
  • ArduBIGboy
  • ArduProBoy
  • ArduPROboy
  • ArduXLBoy
  • other?

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Another option to consider (although not for my first prototype run), is to upgrade to a larger MCU.

I was thinking of either the AT90USB1286 or the ATmega1284P.

The AT90USB1286 is basically a larger version of the ATmega32U4 and would retain the USB functionality while upgrading the flash to 128 kB, the RAM to 8 kB and the EEPROM to 4 kB. It also provides a bunch more pins that would provide for more expansion options. It is roughly double the price of the ATmega32U4.

The ATmega1284P is only slightly higher cost than the ATmega32U4 but doesn’t have USB functionality, meaning an extra (inexpensive) USB-to-serial (CH340G). In addition to upgrading the flash to 128 kB, and the EEPROM to 4 kB, and giving some extra expansion pins, it upgrades the RAM all the way to 16 kB!

Obviously, either of these options means it would no longer be binary compatible with the official Arduboy .hex files.

Also, it would probably require a board option that sets a pre-processor variable so people could still keep their games compatible with the official Arduboy (with reduced functionality) while still targeting the larger device with extra graphics, sounds, and/or levels.

Thoughts? Is it worth it?

MegaBoy :stuck_out_tongue:



I think it’s important to keep bin compatibles so it’s could be or with hardware, or with options to make some functionnality available, but i prefer the option of the hardware compatibility

Love it! (added to the poll nope… I can’t edit the poll :frowning: )


Oh right in the US it will.

Sounds great :+1:


I was thinking of designing a PCB around an existing case. Still looking at different case’s. Does anyone know of a cheap case <$5 I have looked at gameboy pocket and advanced case’s so far.

Mind your language :P

Nope, there’s a time limit on poll editing.

You could design the case as well and then 3D-print it.

Either that or buy a case designed for a Pi:

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If you can do 3D print, have a look on this: and this one:

Else about 7€ * 10 for 10 cases:

But the best price i found was this one:

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But the lowest price is this one !!,searchweb201602_1_10065_10068_5017611_10843_10059_10696_100031_310_10084_10083_10103_451_10618_452_10304_10307_10820_5017711_10821_10302_526,searchweb201603_60,ppcSwitch_5&algo_expid=87a749f9-29cb-4a13-9c3c-8502a7d2550f-31&algo_pvid=87a749f9-29cb-4a13-9c3c-8502a7d2550f&priceBeautifyAB=0

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Yep, that was my thought as well. This design certainly could be customized for an existing case, but it is never going to be a 1-to-1 fit because the hardware itself has differences. I was always planning on designing a 3D printed case for this anyway.

Oh also, that’s why the footprint for the buttons looks like it does. I designed it to take either a 6x6 tactile switch, or a 6x3 micro switch, or a soft touch membrane pad. The spacing of the d-pad should match other handhelds, so in theory one could use an existing d-pad and membrane if desired!

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a Gameboy Color case is possible. You’ll need a full clear lens. the display PCB may need some work to make fit.

Yes, if it’s fit, it’s the most beautifull and cheaper but i hope there’ll be enough space.

To give you an idea:
It would look very nice when fit. The reasons why I chose for DMG case is that I couldn’t find a replacement lens with a small bezel only full clear. So when you tape it down it will show. I also wasn’t able to find a button controller PCB for GBC. for DMG I could find both.


OK, so you have 7 available here: at about 5 euros.

And 3 here but a little more (~6,85 euros) for them: