ARDUBLOXX - remake of "City Bloxx"

Hello everybody!
I am glad to present you my first game, ARDUBLOXX.
The game is a remake of CityBloxx for Nokia phones. Hope your eyes won’t bleed when you see my code :grin:
I couldn’t have completed the game without the great manuals from your community, so please accept my thanks!
ArduBloxx.hex (78.6 KB)

You can download the source code and HEX by clicking on the link:

A little about the game:
You got a piece of land that you can build up and turn the town into a metropolis.
You have 13 days for this.

The first window displays the number of days that have passed.

Next, you can see the population in your city.

And the last window displays the number of people who are in the newly built house and the number of people who are already settled on the site.

In the window on the left, you can select the house available for construction.
And the number of blocks in this building.

You can also move the cursor to see the number of people living in that location.

After choosing a building, you are moved to the construction site. The lower left corner shows the number of blocks that you must rebuild.
And on the right is the number of blocks that you can lose. If you lose all 3 blocks, the construction will be considered unfinished.

On the right in the window, you can see how many people are inhabited in your house.

The worse the building you build, the more it starts to sway. When you place a block perfectly straight, a combo bar appears on top. As soon as it fills up completely, the message “Super combo” will appear and you will be credited with additional residents.

During construction, you will be faced with a wind that appears at a certain height, and the higher the building, the stronger the wind.
wind1R_16x16 wind2R_16x16 wind3R_16x16

Sometimes birds fly at a certain height, they can crash into your block and move it.
After 13 days of construction, you will receive a construction completion message and depending on your game you will receive certain achievements:

  • Eagle eyeglaz_20x20 (Combo > = 250);
  • Golden buildingmillion_20x20 (Super combo > = 25);
  • MasterMaster_20x20 (Not a single block was lost);
  • Megapolismegapol_20x20 (Population > 2000).

I hope you enjoy the game!
I am happy to be part of such a friendly community! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the game!! I absolutely love it. I am jealous as i would of like to make it too :+1: awesome job!

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This is really, really good. Nice work!

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Thank you very much for your feedback! It inspires something more!

oh brother this is gonna be a hard one to put down- excellent work my dude!

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Thank you, man! :wink: