Arduboy 1 durability

so i fell asleep lastnight on the living room floor playing my arduboy, and i rolled around all over it

the darn thing still works! i may have put a hairline crack in the front cover but i can live with that, thanks for building a good quality product

p.s. @MLXXXp i noted that my vowels were “sticking” again and removed the excess just for you

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If you’ve damaged your Arduboy and would like to repair/replace it please use the contact form and let us know what happened!

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They’re pretty tough, I’m not a particularly careful person, having stood on it a few times and after having mine for a over year now, the worst it’s suffered is a few scuffs here and there.

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I may do a post coming up soon talking about how to mod the arduboy to possibly make it survive outdoors :cloud_rain: ! I’ll have to do a lot of testing and it will probably void the warranty :wink:


@bateske you never answered my question about how often you come to the big island

I’ve been to Hawaii about a dozen times only the big island twice. I love the coffee


next time your on the BIG island, let me know, ill give ya a pound of freshly roasted Kau coffee

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Real Kona is my favorite coffee :heart_eyes:

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to that i must say this, A good luck finding REAL kona coffee, B have you ever had kau coffee? 1000x better in my openion, ive worked on farms in kona, and kau, had the good coffee, da kine only locals get, and i say kau much mo’ bettah

the laws have changed however so kona coffee that isnt REALY kona coffee can no longer be labeled as such. in the past shady people have cut it down to maby 2% hawaiian coffee and still called it kona coffee and sold 6 oz bags of it for $20 to tourists who dont know better

theres also a debate how to process the coffee, and even more so how and when to roast it, coffee picked from the same tree made differently will have an entirely different end result

Kona blends are garbage. My in-laws visited the islands a couple times & they brought me back a few pounds of 100% Kona each time. I don’t know how the roasting might have varied - I’ve never been to Hawaii to pick out my own. Never had Kau - might I find it anywhere outside of the islands?

well google knows where to find anything
before i moved here i just drank folgers , i do know starbucks used to buy coffee from my neighbors till they screwd them out of a butt load of money

Google doesn’t have the inside info, though :wink:

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does this offer also apply to other community members? :smile:

depends how much i like you i guess :stuck_out_tongue: