Arduboy 2 as a Feather Wing

Then whatever MCU you want to use is up to you.

It would be the bees knees if we could even get the pinouts to support the 32u4 version and also all of the other ones, need to see if all the GPIO line up.


I think this is the answer. It makes it as cheap as possible to produce, maximum development flexibility, all of the usb and lipo charging is handled by the Feather module. And the wing has a lot of opportunity as the adoption of the feather standard is pretty broad. Particle even has cellular modules that would work, Arduboy as a cell phone.

EDIT: I suppose the compatibility to the 32u4 module is less important as the OLED will require a new library anyhoot.

EDIT: external ram and flash might be a pretty sweet idea too, although several feathers come with sd cards. I guess we can have the pads, and you can elect for Arduboy 2 fx which will populate the external components.


I think it’ll need to be cheaper than $24.95…


Oh, just buy the PyBadge I guess. Never mind. <-Snark

I would actually try to price the wing somewhere around $15.

Also the Ergonomics of the small one are trash, the screen is not a good resolution.

But yes I don’t think it’s actually possible to offer something much better than the PyBadge for cost, other than you’d be getting something that is specifically designed for Arduboy game development. The biggest difference would be the display.

Don’t mind me, just trying to save the Arduboy company over here.

They don’t bother with battery or enclosure and you’re right about the ergonomics. Not many people should be adding a lithium pouch cell to a product without mechanical protection - it’s pretty irresponsible of adafruit to position the product this way. Now, if you had hw which ran on a couple of AA/AAA rechargeables that the user provides themselves… Might win points in the education arena where they will upvote safety.

I know it’s not yet part of the Arduboy hardware fit yet but none of these adafruit things are packing rf or ir comms (I prefer the latter). Multiplayer could be a differentiator.

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Is this better or worse than the Arduboy Mini?
Which would you rather buy

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Welp, democracy wins.

I will make the mini.