Arduboy 2 Cathy3K Compilation Error

Did a google search and couldn’t find anything helpful so I thought I’d ask for some help here. I’m trying to compile the RGBled Arduboy example in Arduino IDE v1.8.5 and get this error:

"Board arduboy-homemade (platform avr, package arduboy-homemade) is unknown

Error compiling for board Homemade Arduboy."

I also notice when going into library manager I see this error in the console: “Invalid library found in C:\Users\Shawn Maxwell\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Arduboy2: C:\Users**********\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Arduboy2”

I have Arduboy2 v5.1.0 and Mr. Blinky’s Arduboy Homemade Package v1.2.4 if it’s relevant. I’m assuming my woes are related to some version incompatibilities in how fragmented everything is with this IDE. I appreciate the help.

you should uninstall the manually installed libraries. or install the homemade package in a portable version of arduino ide without libraries installed.


Because the homemade package contains it’s own libraries there is a conflict.

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