Arduboy 2/Color; My view

So recently I was thinking, It’s been about 4 years now, and how about an Arduboy 2, here are the specs I was thinking.

  • 16 color palette
  • 128 x 64 screen
  • 4 action buttons (instead of the two)
  • Wifi connection (maybe)
  • 5KB RAM
  • 128KB ROM
  • Option for Type-C or Micro-USB port
  • 220 mAh battery

Just a suggestion, just hope you like it.

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A few points while I think of them…

The Arduboy has 1KB of EEPROM, not 2KB.

Colour palettes are usually powers of two for technical reasons.
You might get 8 colours (3 bits per pixel) or 16 colours (4 bits per pixel), but not 12 colours.

I’m prepared for someone to surprise me, but as far as I’m aware there are no commercially available screens that have these dimensions.

Also to run a screen of those dimensions with at least 12 colours would take an 11.25KB frame buffer,
so either you’d need more RAM or people would have to write games with either no frame buffer, a decreased frame buffer or using only tile-based rendering.

It seems that every other new forum member wants to propose a next generation enhanced Arduboy. As soon as you add colour, larger screen dimensions and more resources, you’re moving into a territory already covered by other offerings. @bateske has recently indicated that he isn’t interested in further Arduboy development.

Rather than re-invent the wheel you might as well just jump on the bandwagon of an existing offering, such as Pokitto, Gamebuino Meta or ESPboy.

Many people, myself included, feel that one of the major reasons for the Arduboy’s success is that its simplicity, limitations, and well established and uncomplicated development environment make it easy for aspiring new programmers to get started writing games. And those games can be such that they don’t appear as an “embarrassment” compared to even well polished games created by experienced developers.

As I’ve repeatedly said, I feel that if there were to be a “next generation” Arduboy, it should use the exact same display, case, battery and other peripherals, with only the microcontroller changed. The main goal for changing the microcontroller is to provide more program and RAM space, since these limitations can lead more to frustration than their value as learning to squeeze things provides. I’m not opposed to adding other enhancements, such as an SD card slot, as long as the same case (with minor modifications) is used and the selling price is only a small amount more than the current Arduboy. However, if there are additions, it still has to be backwards compatible, such that almost 100% of existing sketches will run with only a recompile, and the development environment remains the same.

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Sorry I’m new to the posting so i have tiny brain when it comes to that stuff.

As noted, my official view for posts like this is: Awesome! Good luck! Let me know when you get it up and running!

I’m not gonna develop any new hardware, but if someone does build something that they would like help getting produced or running a campaign, either with or without direct Arduboy compatibility, I’m happy to consult or contract on the project. But I’m no longer spending any more of my own time trying to come up with the “next” Arduboy.

That just means its more efficient, you know like a prius of brains maybe.

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No problem. You know now, that’s the important thing.

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nah, ill be fine