Arduboy 2 My Ultimate Hardware Wishlist

Hmm might be possible? Add a couple soft buttons? It’s something to think about.

I’m not a huge fan of these actually although I guess almost all controllers use them. My favorite is actually a combination of what we are using now (snap domes) and this style, where a layer of silicone is put between the snap dome and hard plastic button to give a nice squishy feel and it also makes it so the buttons don’t rattle.


i hate those kind of buttons with a passion

no no no i vote no

i guess IF you put the current hard plastic over them

but even then, i dont much like it,

Yeah, the PSP and SNES did a combination like that.

Even if it’s just ONE of the buttons?

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my biggest issue with them, is once the device takes a crap, i cant use those buttons for anything else,

my second biggest issue, is the texture

the 3rd, my ocd it will gnaw at me untill i rip it off

Are there any new advancements/photos you could share regarding a new version of an arduboy

as far as i understand the “new version of arduboy” has been an ongoing discussion since the original was made, though there is talk about a new one i think it will be a while

but @MLXXXp has made what most people want in the next generation of arduboy, and he shows you how he did it if you wanted to build your own

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There are no photos because it is not in development.

Will it be in development or did they scrap the idea?

The idea isn’t scrapped- It’s just barely an idea, though. It’s likely that it’ll stay an idea for a good while, too. There are people that are holding off on buying an Arduboy because they think a new one is coming out soon, when in reality, there are no legitimate plans for a second Arduboy to ever come out. The only thing is people saying what they would like in the next version or what they dislike in the current version. There are no pictures, no sketches, no mock-ups, no anything besides speculation and hopes.

re: soft buttons. I ditto that emotion.

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2 againced 1 we win ne na ne na boo boo

Should we do another kickstarter or just build them?


Build is my vote. :v:

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It one thread that i watch since a while (long time lurker before getting 2 arduboys and make an account here 2 months ago).
Could we get a sum-up of what would be the Arduboy v2 ? @bateske

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Whilst I’m generally all for more features and upgrades I find the limitations of the existing hardware are part of the charm and it’s what originally perked my interest in the device. I hope that the next generation Arduboy retains this charm continuing to offer challenges akin to those faced during the good old retro days of the 70’s and 80’s.
I think MLXXXp has nailed it by giving a bit more headroom and some storage in the attic. If there’s space then you could chuck in an accelerometer and RTC if not some form of sheild to be able to expand could be cool.


The ATSAMD21G18 processor, that I’ve proposed using for an Arduino Zero based Arduboy, has a built in “32-bit Real Time Counter (RTC) with clock/calendar function”.


So you wouldn’t want more memory or a 4-colour screen?

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@bateske dealers choice. I am ok with either kickstarter or direct build…

The only complaint i have with the current Arduboy system is the limit of one game per device. The hardware limitations have inspired creativity. I would have no complaint at gaining any new features like a color screen, larger file storage, multi system connectivity, more RAM, RTC, or accelerometer to name a few.

My key feature request is an SD card slot so the game can be changed on the fly and to keep the small size and form factor…

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A bit more memory would be a bonus.

Not really sure how to word it but a few shades of grey are enough for anyone :joy:
If a screen upgrade lead to shorter battery life or a much chunkier unit then I’ll probably pass it by.

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Can always get one of these. I wouldn’t mind the size being increased, I find the current size awkward to handle and my hands are almost as small as Trump’s, I can’t imagine what it must be like for large-handed people.