Arduboy 2 My Ultimate Hardware Wishlist

Bluetooth would be great but Wifi capability might be a bit too far in my opinion

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That small oled has been around forever, the resolution is too small.

What is too far about wifi? @Dreamer2345

Idk I just think that it might be a bit too much all concidering, but it could be fun to develop online games that could be played over the net (something like starcraft springs to mind)

Edit: I think Bluetooth sounds great though

Edit Edit: this is based off of the original arduboy rom limitations Idk what processor you’ve decided on


I don’t think making stuff like browsers for Arduboy would be very ‘gamey’

For a WiFi enabled Arduboy it would be neat to have an online repository where you could download and rate games.


Why would having wifi mean someone would have to write a web browser?

Having wifi would mean having TCP and UDP,
which are the two protocols that underpin almost all online multiplayer games,
from the early days of Quake to modern MMORPGs.

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It’s could be cool to have games online to change them and be able to play wifi direct with someone near but having a server could mean having connexion to play with womeone everywhere in the world for game who don’t need a quick communication between the 2 arduboys as chess, strategic war, power 4, cards game, othello, asw…

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that would be cool . got me thinking of a gba to psp/android level handheld in arduboy form. imagine the games that would be made. dude. .i was thinking this stuff when i played my hasbro handhelds, and where im from japan china etc all sold these crazy little handhelds man that was the best era dude. , those things were so fun crazy how immersed i was in it. its the same when i look at the arduboy. little worlds in my palm. and i can make a world myself?! dude. . im so grateful.


och, no
BT, wifi is not necessary, but lora will be interesting idea if it will work with meshtastic mesh network :wink:
or meybe add irda. But if add irda or other network or modem please add swith to turn off for reduce power consumption.

I need a hole for caring device on rope.

I need solar panel for increase working time.
and(or) add stepper up down for any power source from 1V-24V any AA, AAA, 18650, any coin battery etc.

network is natural idea but this mus be a mesh network.

I need joystick. not only button. and normal knob/potenciometer. Everyone who play with arcade tempest know what is it. Big rotor switch.

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More RAM is good idea mRuby need 400KiB memory
but not forget about assets!

Meybe bios can compressed sprites, make better font , vector, 2d? Meybe moving system to PIC/Arm

Lol this post is so old it’s lost all meaning I’m shuttin it down.

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