Arduboy 2 My Ultimate Hardware Wishlist


Aw… The Zero is only an arm M0+. I would love to see an arduboy style device running off an M4/M7 (Yes I own sifteo cubes v2 which were M3 if memory serves me right).


Personally I would just want a revision of the current Arduboy that has a Start/Home button similar to the Gamebuino’s C button and a micro sd card slot. Maybe have both a Start button for use in games as a menu button or other auxiliary function and a home/reset button for moving back to an Arduboy home screen for selecting other games and apps stored on the micro sd card. SD card slot could sit at the top of the unit near the power switch to complete the “mini gameboy” look. The Start and Home/Reset buttons could be sitting near the bottom just like where the GB’s Start and Select buttons are. Double RAM would also be nice, but I have no issue with this device’s specs as is.
Will still be getting Arduboy, but I would buy it again if it was revised to have all the things I listed (would likely give the old one to my lil bro).


I’d love to have a screen that can display 4 shades (like the original gameboy). That way you could add a lot more details to games while still keeping the 128x64 resolution. Check out this game I found out about that is done in only 64x64 resolution:


@DSSiege11: It could look like this

or like this


@JO3RI: True :slight_smile: All we need is more memory!


Yes and No … you just need to be smart at compressing bitmaps …

AND THAT is the fun of making games for Arduboy, being smart in how to compress images and use RLE compression or even double RLE compression.


I’d be pretty excited to see the Arduino 101 as the base of a future Arduboy! Built-in bluetooth and 6-axis accelerometer/gyro sounds good to me! And an x86 core says possibilities of running old-school DOS games! :grin:

(Andrew Dent) #28

In terms of a larger screen (similar to Game Boy resolution), Sharp do some nice ‘memory’ LCD’s…

And lower rez versions are already available here:

(Kevin) #29

I’ve looked at the memory LCD, but the screen is like 2-3 times more expensive, and even harder to source :open_mouth:

I’m going to try very hard to get 4 color grayscale.

Thinking Arduboy 1.1 will add an SD card and IR comms, this is pretty easy to do and adds a lot of value.
Maybe Arduboy 1.2 will add bluetooth?? Need to evaluate cost/benifit/demand for this more.
Arduboy 2 might be color and wifi and arm 3/4…7? and bigger in size (no longer card shaped), maybe even work with the guys at NTC and use the $9 computer “chip”. Maybe. Who knows, Arduboy 2 is at the very least a year off possibly 2017.

Oh and start button is gonna be so tough on this size format, theres really no place if you look at the pcb, and the minimum size of a push button… We were pretty lucky to get the reset button in there but even then that has to be activated with a paper clip.


In future versions of the device. Please try to get control of the display’s Sync timing. It will make it much easier to take that 1 or 4 colors and turn them into a lot more shades.

(Andrew Low) #31

If I may offer an opinion.

It’d be great to hear from @bateske on some of the fundamental design elements of the Arduboy. We can toss ‘cool features’ around forever, but at the risk of creating a smartphone like device.

For my 2 cents, the limitations of the current Arduboy are part of the charm. The form-factor is a big win too. I’d also like to see reasonable forward compatibility considered, otherwise we’ll very quickly orphan existing units and cause a real division in the community. This is very much a retro-gaming plaform.

I guess I’m coming from a ‘less is more’ point of view.

My wish >> An iteration of the current Arduboy that resulted in a cheaper version - call it the classic Arduboy. And an Arduboy 2 that contains a slew of new features, has backwards compatibility but ups the hardware capabilities to a new level. Target being the same price point of the current Arduboy.

(Scott) #32

The Pixel Kickstarter campaign is an Arduino Zero based system with a 128 x 128 color OLED display and a MicroSD card reader.

Using this design as a base and adding buttons, a speaker, a battery and charge circuitry could make a nice successor to the Arduboy.


Hmmm. if you get a color screen for a future true successor, add on all the improvements from the future revisions of the Arduboy like micro sd card support, and use a landscape button placement, it’ll be like a super tiny Game Gear. An ArduGear, if you would.

(Ash) #34

How about something like a Raspberry PiBoy? just seen this Raspberry Pi Zero, costs $5/£4

Would make an incredible emulation machine!


We were discussing this today on IRC. I know @bateske was interested by the CHIP computer and that Lakka (RetroArch) is open to support a hardware project, as long as it is open source and non-profit.

The problem I see with the PiBoy is that we would need 16 buttons to support the full RetroPad and 30+ FPS at 320x240.

(Kevin) #36

The general plan for now is to produce the kickstarter units as you’ve seen in the notes. We added an RGB led since then but no more changes.

Looks like we will try very hard for a version 1.1 which will be selling after kickstarter and preorders… I’m going to try and do an SD card and IR communication.

After that looking at Arduboy 2 which will switch to a 32 bit ARM m-0 with bluetooth potentially. But to be honest it may be more attractive to spend the time and energy to drive the cost of the original hardware down.

Frankly I don’t want to compete directly with other game consoles, but at the same time I can’t resist the urge to make a really badass game console just for fun. That’s how I got here in the first place so expect to see something. I will likely build prototypes of just about everything and now that we have such an awesome community then it’s easy to build maybe 20-50 units of the prototypes and sell them in the store.

Also am planning lots of special editions of the current hardware. Keep an eye out for Ardugirl, Arduboy Black, and Arduboy Princess editions!


make sure the SD slot is at the top on the back, old skool hand held console cartridge slot style!

(Ash) #38

Is there a worry that the version 1.1 might cannibalize sales of the original version if you sell it so soon after the original though?

(Kevin) #39

We will be discontinuing version 1 when we sell version 1.1

I’ll try to build some 1.1 developer kits after I finish kickstarter deliveries, then work with the community to make sure hardware is good to go and then build into a new case.

(Shane Gibbens) #40

Things to add on Arduboy Version 2:

Must Have:
-More memory
-IR (could be used to play with others remotely like how the old Gameboys worked)
-Micro SD card for fast loading switchable games, if possible.
-Weighted Micro Motor (Feedback Motor) for a tactile feel.

-Larger screen
-Screen with more shades or in color
-Touch cap button (Like the original Prototype) so its slimmer
-Maybe a silicon soft flex board option so Arduboy 2 could be made into a watch/wrist piece easier and be worn by any one. This would also give more space, allow for modules, mods, and upgrades