Arduboy 2 My Ultimate Hardware Wishlist

(Kevin) #101

Should be possible to put a small DAC + Amp chip that requires few external components. There are for sure speakers that will fit. :slight_smile:

Prototyping on this will start next year, I’ll be looking for beta testers to send developer kits to :wink:

(Scott) #102

The ATSAMD21G18 has a true 10 bit DAC on board, so unless you want higher resolution or stereo sound an external DAC isn’t required. An amp may or may not be required, depending on the speaker used and desired volume.

(ScrumpyJack) #103

How about the sub-miniature phone jack, which is 2.5 mm?
On some devices, like cameras, it carries audio and composite video.
Audio out would be cool.

(Damian Vila) #104

Have you guys seen the Raspi Boy?:

Based on Raspberry Zero.

(spinal) #105

The problem with raspberry based systems is that they are not dedicated systems. The biggest downfall in my opinion is waiting 30-60 seconds or more just for it to boot up.

(Damian Vila) #106

Agree. The only way to improve that is with a heavily customized, barebones distro. And even there, you have to wait a bit.

(Kevin) #107

Might be, I’m actually looking into having female pin headers exposed on the outside so you could use prototyping wires and plug it into a bread board for lots of neat projects.

I would probably prefer to do something like having the audio adapter in the micro-usb port using a dongle just because it keeps the exterior clean.

If anyone is good at CAD modeling then we should talk more :slight_smile:

(Josh Goebel) #108

SPI starts to be ridiculous at some point, that’s why most of these controllers also support 4 or 8 bit control modes… if we’re trying doing 16-bit color in the future we should consider dropping SPI as the interface.

(ScrumpyJack) #109

Better power managment unit. The MCP73831 used to charge the LiPo doesn’t support much in terms of host interfacing and GPIO chit chat.

(Michael Gollnick) #110

Not sure if it is already on the list but I would like to see a gyroscope sensor and maybe an RTC. A nice gimmic would be a vibration motor.

(Chris Smith) #111

My personal thought is that if the Arduboy gets a gyroscope and vibration motor, it will likely be priced too high to succeed by any measure. Once you approach $65, a budget Android tablet looks pretty good, with specs that clobber anything in the Arduboy discussion. You get the WiFi, Bluetooth, color, SD card, better resolution, and more storage. You get a massive library of software.

Arduboy fills a niche. It’s a very nice niche, but it has its limits. If we overflow the niche, we compete with a massive tech capability already in the market. This is not a major producer we’re dealing with. Scale will not be 10 million units. The parts pricing will be good, but not at full industrial scale.

My mental model is that the Arduboy is the decluttering approach to a handheld system. Drive for simplicity, avoid complexity. Schumacher applies here: small is beautiful, both in physical design and internal thinking.

(Kevin) #112

gyroscope and vibration motor would likley add less than a dollar to the cost. The screen, battery and chip are the most expensive parts. Going with a SAMD21 will actually be cheaper also, despite having much more power.

(Holmes) #113

I would love gyroscope or accelerometer… :slight_smile: Would add a lot of functionality without taking up too much room and without taking up any surface area.

(ScrumpyJack) #114

instead of an SD card, would it be possible to add a small 2gb emmc?

(Josh Goebel) #115

Why? SD is far more common.

(spinal) #116

Not to mention changeable and easier to handle.

(ScrumpyJack) #117

I was thinking about the space, keeping everything flush, and SD on a handheld gaming device seems weird IMHO.

(spinal) #118

I don’t see what’s weird about it. The past few generations of big commercial handhelds have all had sd/microsd.

(ScrumpyJack) #119

Perhaps it’s just me then.

While I love the arduboy as it is, I love it for it’s limitations. A few changes to the next model would be welcome, as long as feature creep doesn’t set in.
Storage seems like a common feature request. eMMC would add storage, but would sort of keep it’s usefulness down, and in a good way, retaining that feel of limitation you get.
Am i making sense?

(spinal) #120

I don’t think that storage-per-game. Is the real issue, but the need to store multiple games. Really that’s the only main feature I’m interested in, maybe an extra button or two :stuck_out_tongue: