Arduboy Accelerometer

Today I installed an MPU6050.


Playing LoveRush by @Vampirics


WOW, just wow! :wink: Oh and thanks for the heads up!


Now someone just needs to port Marble Madness… :smile:

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How sensitive is it when you try to play a game that involves buttons?

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It’s adjustable by creating a dead zone when I started with Breakout I couldn’t barely control the paddle at ±1. So I created a dead zone it’s also influenced by frame rate.

(AcX > 5000)
(AcX < 5000)

(AcX >150)
(AcX < 150)

OK so you would adjust this on a game by game basis?

Anyhow … its a great addition to the Arduboy. Maybe Kevin should think about this

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It would be possible to make an expansion board with pogo pins that fitted between the front and back case.


So are buttons, but less noticeably so.

This is why it’s bad to force the frame rate low as a means of controlling the game speed,
especially when input is tied to the framerate.

It’s better to design games to be framerate independent, it makes them much more flexible.



How small is the sensor? Did you have to modify the case?

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The breakout board is roughly 21x15mm I brought 30 AWG Kynar out through the reset button hole and taped the board to the back, you can exit around 9 strands through the hole.


Have you tried it with Juno first? I bet that would be interesting.

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Nice to see one with an Arduboy for scale.

Minor rant:

It annoys me that lots of websites like to stick boards next to American quarters for scale as if everyone in the world knows how big a quarter is.
They might as well take a photo of the board next to a ₽2 coin,
it would have about the same meaning.

(For the record, ₽ is the Russian Ruble, not to be confused with ![Pokedollar symbol](upload://Auh8ZfVT9UlP0DHR7dpLxBkN7Td.png which is pokedollars.)


Maybe we should set a standard using a five pence piece for scale and curveball them with a penny :joy:

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Either that or start an “every electronics website gets a free ruler” charity. :P

I do only understand bananas as scale. :banana:


I had a play around making down harder to hit to make it possible to hold the Arduboy more vertical.

Apologies if the music sounds over amplified it sounded fine on my mobile via Twitter.


That turns the Arduboy like those Wooden labyrinth game with a metal marble!


I think this would definitely fit inside of @n602’s back plate design.

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I don’t have access to a 3d printer I was thinking of using some Costa cards to shim the backplate :grin:

Check your Twitter notifications btw

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