Arduboy AMA

One thing I hadn’t actually considered is if the Micro Arcades have taken some of the unique feel away or something? Or that people think that is the main focus now? Is there any perception that I have “sold out” by doing the deal with Super Impulse? I know those consoles aren’t seen as high quality as the Micro Card was.

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I’ll just give the opposite perspective – I got a Micro Arcade and found it lacking, so sought out the Arduboy as something much more authentic, but having a similar form factor.


I think the main advantage of Arduboy is the friendliness of his community. In addition to great manuals, there are people here who can really teach programming (thanks to these helpful professionals, I fell in love with programming). In my opinion, this approach will keep the audience for a long time. And thanks to the active work of Kevin, Arduboy will forever remain a relevant console


People who help in Software and Hardware and they are reactives and have a very good level. Yes for me too it’s the matching between a high quality little console, events, projects and some high quality members of this community who make it a success for a long time, i think.