Arduboy Antena(only japan website)

It is a collection of games that are not captured by the community.

・Do You Remember Love?

Recommend is practice mode.



2017/07/03 update!






Love the games, thank you for sharing!


Nice games! I am trying to upload all the “forgotten” games I could find into: so I already added those (except dungeon that looks too incomplete)

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yes. dungeon game isn’t complete.
i added WIP.

your page is perfect.
i say, you are arduboy game collect master.:slight_smile:

Can Arduboy Mate(ANDROID) upload games?

Yes, just use the repo url in Arduboy Mate :wink:

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2017/07/03 update.

too many amazing, greate games!!

Oh wow 2048 and a Zoo Keeper clone.
Zoo Keeper was one of the first games I had on Nintendo DS.

The Tetris clone might cause problems.

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edited post. I do not want problems.:scream:

zoo keeper of small icon is cute.


Nice games! Added to:


fast update. thank you!

2048 has a higher quality than I made 2048.
Do not compare! :zipper_mouth_face:

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I know that @bateske has some legal arrangement with the people who own the rights to Tetris, but I don’t know the full details. There should really be an article explaining why, but I haven’t seen one, I just know by word of mouth that there’s some reason why people aren’t supposed to make Tetris clones for the Arduboy.

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I keep silent.:zipper_mouth_face:

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Aha. From Wikipedia:
(TTC = The Tetris Company)

In May 2010, TTC’s legal counsel sent cease and desist letters to Google insisting that 35 Tetris clones be removed from the Android Market.


In 2012, The Tetris Company trademarked both the shapes of the blocks and the playfield dimensions.

So basically The Tetris Company are mean and don’t like competition.

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Excellent games! I love these! I think that MayQ is my favorite, but SFV and Do You Remember Love are soooo great as well! Please keep up the good work!

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