Arduboy arcade cabinet?

With some coworkers we have been working on making a cabinet for the office :stuck_out_tongue:

It is far from ready, but the concept is using “packing material” that they give away in wood stores. Normal designs use 18 or 22 mm mdf or such, but we are using those free 12 mm plates :rofl: and there is no visible screws also! (also it is super slim… and uses discarded lcds and PCs. So it is like recycling!)

The wood was cut in a small office CNC (X-Carve) so it also required some alignment trickery to make it work.

It is far from ready, but eventually it could run some fullscreen arduboy games with a modded UI that launched the emulator on fullscreen… of course no coins required :slight_smile:


I attempted a table top cabinet for my wife a few birthday’s back, failed, and settled for a kit. It is not an easy task. Super cool!

What is the monitor size going to be?

hahah that sounds like the bowling ball homer gave marge :rofl:

It will be 22 or 24 inches :smiley: sadly we will not add fancy trims nor vinyls

My wife is an avid games collector, so luckily it was well received. :P

As for the vinyl trim it would be pretty hard without the tools.

I snapped a quick pick of ours for ya. I made it a dedicated system for Tetris (Her favorite) and Ms. PacMan (My favorite).

Featuring my son who likes clicking the buttons and trying to bite the joysticks off.


looks really nice! was the wood part of the kit?

Both came with the wood. I started with this kit, failed, and then got this kit.

My uncle has a nice wood shop and was going to borrow his garage for a weekend, but couldn’t get enough time to execute.

Would like to do what you are doing in a few years! Update me when you are finished!

nice! I am not very fond of those exposed screw though! lame for a commercial product but nice that you got it working finally :smiley:

Are you talking about these screws?


If so I agree. If you screw them in just a little sideways that hole gets ruined when you try to attempt to straighten it. That being said super quick to put together. Pros and cons I suppose.

I have posted this before, but here is the table top machine I made a few years back. Like you, it was from recycled MDF.

You need to put the beading around it to give that ‘authentic look’ using a ‘Slot Cutter’ router bit >


I also do this


Oh, man, the red vinyl is magnificent.

It sets off the black! Its cheap, and comes in a range of colours …

I would go white on that blue cabinet of @eried’s

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Those vinyl edges are awesome! That is a good tip for making workbenches too!

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Agreed, white would be a nice contrast. Although you would make a statement if he did the blue cause its a darker blue to that vinyl.

That’s a nice looking machine. Was that a custom design? Sides look like space invader shapes

We tried to find some 12mm trim but at the end for this version it will be normal iron-able white ones. Crappy but 12mm will take forever and it is pricey

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Also would like to know this. The traditional cabinet is awesome, but the 2-player across is very welcoming! Also the glass is better suited for a nice whisky. :D

@filmote I like to imagine you spent a few minutes polishing the glass for that picture. Haha

I bought a $10 second hand coffee table for the glass and scaled everything off it. I cut one side of the side plates by hand and then mirrored it - totally custom!

Yes … its actually a little scratched up. Being a flat surface it attracts all sorts of junk!

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Is there an alternative to glass for something like this? Seems glass reflexs. Is it a problem when you play?

Not when you are sitting over the top of it :slight_smile: I think that was a sunny day when I took the pic and probably makes it look worse. Besides, when my son stacks all his shit on top of it, you cannot see the glass at all.

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Oh, I thought it looked great! I was just wondering about your experience with glass with a table top. Happy it’s not a big deal.

It’s called decoration… Look it up. :stuck_out_tongue:

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