Arduboy arcade cabinet?


I made my own arcade machine, too! (And game!)


haha what game is that!

It’s called The Cockpit. A game about chickens and fast cars. :stuck_out_tongue: You can download the Windows version, here: I even took it to TPF a few times. :slight_smile:


ahahah! nice. No videos?

I was checking the website and the zoomed photos are actually the same thumbnails

I lost a lot of stuff when my website was “hacked” a while back. I am still going through, looking for the original images to throw on the website. :weary:

And no video! :confounded:

This might win the award for the best comment ever.


How’s the project going?


Not going :sweat_smile: because of summer… until 7 aug.

But last piece:


It is finished! They like it a lot in the office, but old games seem to be a little difficult for youngsters :sweat_smile: (complains about the controller not working… because the finesse those games required i.e. donkeykong)


I dream to have one in my house when i’ll have a new house… Yhey are lucky. Well done Eried

Yes, I would also like to have an extra room for one :confused: it is very different experience to play on it.

Title says “Arduboy” arcade cabinet let’s see it happen captain.

I am going to leave a picture of my Arduboy ‘Cabinet’ here as inspiration, Erwin.

Nice!! what are you using? Arduboy mode was my idea for having the “legal mode” of the cabinet but we are still preparing the windows software to stream the hi scores to the “company tv channel” :stuck_out_tongue: to trigger engagement while everyone is on lunch

One of @uXe’s FPGA boards.

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