Arduboy, Arduventure Special Edition [Solved]

Hi there !
I have bought the Arduventure Special Edition, but i haven’t received yet nothing.
It’s possible to have a tracking code ?
Someone can help me ?
Or somebody can give me an email to contact the team ?
Thanks a lot !

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Hello we shipped all of the special editions, but the regular edition featuring arduventure still has yet to ship. Check your email for shipping info.

Please contact the kickstarter directly then I’ll have access to your info and can respond to your specific request.

I have pledged the Ultimate Edition.
I have posted a message, but i haven’t received a answer. .

I’ve not heard anything since the survey either although I think I’m right at the end of the queue for the special editions units so I guess this is not an isolated issue.

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Same situation here.

You and I are both in Britain so that could be a factor.

I haven’t brought it up because I don’t know how many people have actually received their units and I assumed the ones who had were in the US.

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All of the Ultimate and Special Edition units have shipped. You should have recieved an email from on behalf of arduboy notifying you of the shipment with your tracking number. Check your spam mail if you don’t see it. Some people also had not filled out the survey so we were not able to ship it cough @Lorenzo_Gambelli :wink:

Also, there is a chance one batch of shipments went out without the tracking emails? I think I forgot to check the box one time, and if a few of you really don’t have emails then woopsie.

Message me on kickstarter for your tracking info if you don’t have it.

Excuse me again, i have posted an aswer right now on the kickstarter page.
I’m a dumbass XD


We’re all dumbasses, looking into it I did in fact not send tracking to about 200 orders. Sending them now!


I’ve just received the email, so I was one of those 200.

I’m glad @Lorenzo_Gambelli made this topic, otherwise this issue wouldn’t have been brought to light.

The important thing is that it’s been resolved now, so no harm done.


Yeah it was all the international orders that went out on Friday, not really sure why it didn’t send the emails… I think I closed and reopened the shipping software after going to lunch. Either way, should show up to you international folks in less than 2 weeks.


I received an email as well. Looks like I’ll have an awesome Easter present coming :smile:


No mail here too :frowning:

I didn’t got one either :frowning:
But it should come anyway :wink:

I received my tracking info a little after Kevin posted here. Maybe he closed the page again…More coffee less doughnuts.


Same for me ;D #excited

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Have you checkedyour email recently?

Kevin re-sent the ones he missed, so if you’ve checked and yours is still missing (and hasn’t ended up in spam/junk) then you might have to contact him on kickstarter.

Mail arrived this evening.
It’s on track!

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I was hoping to come home to a magical box of mystery today but it’s sitting in customs.

Im expecting it to arrive sometime after the Easter weekend now :cry:

Mine aparently departed Heathrow two days ago and hasn’t done anything since.

Presumably customs is making sure they aren’t bombs and don’t contain drugs, bomb making equipment or the world’s smallest illegal immigrant.


The buggers got me again.