Arduboy arrived - black screen only

Hi all, I’m fairly new to this all.
After picking up my Arduboy from the German Customs (luckily they didn’t pay attention to the missing CE marking) I was very excited to finaly hold my Arduboy in my hands.
(golden Arduboy, marking: 1 of 250)

My problem: the screen seems broken, it shows black all the time.:frowning2:

Had it charged on my laptop.
Power button off, red light, which turned off after about 30 minutes = battery charged?
Screen stays black, whether it is plugged into the laptop or not.

If i switch it on, and press some buttons, i can hear the sound (I guess it’s that puzzle game that is going in the background).
So the unit itself is working, but why the black screen.
Already tried the reset button, no luck so far.

Anything else i can try?:unamused:

Try uploading a different game to it, it’s possible the game might be corrupt in some way and not displaying graphics.

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Suddenly the screen works - kind of.

First I have a black screen, with whitle sprinkles. No movement.
After some gently tapping (onto palm of hand), i suddenly have a clean picture and the arduboy works perfectly.
Switch off, switch on, still great…
Put aside…

Then after a few minutes i switched it on again…again the black screen with the sprinkles!
Tap again…now the picture is distorted and upside down.
Switch off, switch on, working again great.

Did i discover a new hit-and-miss game or what might be going on here?:confused:

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Sounds like a loose/dodgy cable going to the screen, looks like you will have to RMA it, make a video and post it here so @bateske (Kevin) can see it, I’m sure he would want to see not only for a replacement but also to see if there’s a problem in production or if it’s a one off.

oh no! :frowning: Sorry to hear about that @MrSteam, do send me an email ( with your details and a photo. Thanks!

Off topic, but I had to say “wubba lubba dub dub”!


Ha ha lol man. Hey does any one know when and if a colour screen version coming out. (I had problems in detailing)