Arduboy arrived -- bricked!?

Yay, finally my Arduboy arrived! :smile: I so looked forward to having it! :heart_eyes:

Unfortunately, it seems to be bricked out of the box! :fearful:

I never managed to turn it on. It’s a bit as described in Arduboy died - Only red led on when plugged.

  • I took it out of the box and turned on/off switch to on. Nothing happened, the display stayed black.
  • So I plugged my mobile’s USB charger on. The red LED turned on.
  • I tried the on/off switch again, but nothing happened.
  • After a whole night (~ 10 hours), the red LED was still on. As I don’t think the Arduboy’s battery has that much capacity, I guessed the red LED won’t show when charging has completed.
  • I tried to connect it to my Laptop and followed the instructions in the Quick start guide, going right to Codebender, installing all drivers and letting the website connect to my Arduboy. I had only one port to choose from, but Codebender didn’t recognize my device. The LED was just plain red all the time, no other LED enlightened.
  • Finally, I followed the How to Reset Arduboy if it’s Bricked guide. At the point when the yellow LED flashed up, nothing happened. Just the red LED constantly on all the time. Doesn’t matter whether I keep the reset button pushed for 1 sec, 6 secs or 10 secs.

What can I do now? Every help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

All the best,

Hi, I am the author of the post you linked.

I finally achieve to reset it.
May you find more infos in this post : Arduboy died - Only red led on when plugged

Hope it will solve your problem.


Hey @GuillaumeSTEIN, thanks alot for your help, and also thank you for describing your solution to your post!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it work. Nothing happens on the Arduboy, I tried it again and again. Also, you said “First try to check if your card shortly appear in the port list of the Arduino IDE”, but the port list only displays “COM1”, no matter whether the Arduboy is even connected or not, turned on or off etc.

There’s not the slightest hint on my PC that even Windows recognizes a device on the USB port, no device in the device manager etc.

Again, every help is appreciated!


Ah snap well it looks like you went pretty thurough diagnostic maybe try messaging us with the contact form on the store or private message me we can figure it maybe it is sick and needs to come home :frowning:

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Have you tried more than one USB cable? A number of people have reported that switching cables helped.

Some cables are “charge only” and don’t contain data lines. This type of cable will show some of the symptoms you’ve described.

It’s not a good sign that the pre-installed game didn’t run when you first turned it on, though.


Yea, try a new cable if you can, it sounds simple and silly, but looking through the other issues you will see get similar problems that were the result of an old cable.

People who dev for phones might have encountered this, a cable might charge and it might sync files, but if you try to use the same cable for something high parity in the dev process, like work with the bootloader, it just errors out. Buying a new cable fixes this, as those wires get kinked and broken over time.

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Hey @MLXXXp, thank you for your hint! But yes, I tried the same cable on the same USB port with my smartphone first (primarily because there’s one USB port that doesn’t work and I can never remember which one it was :smile: ), and that connected successfully…

And, yeah, no lifesign whatsoever, let aside the small red LED being on when the power is connected… :frowning:

See my post above, which was just added, the relavant part is towards the bottom. I recommend trying as new a cable as you can and see if it solves this.

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Okay wow, thank you for that hint @ekem and @MLXXXp! Now, that worked!! :grinning:

Strange world, I always used the newest USB cable I got, from a brand new smartphone. Now I took an older cable, plugged it into the PC, and the Arduboy instantly awakened! :open_mouth: :smile:

That’s a huge step forward, thanks a lot! Now I’m still curious what happens when I unplug it after some hours of charging, but I’ll keep you updated!

But until then, I have to try some games :grin:


After a day, everything is fine now! Yay :smile: Thanks again for your support! :+1:

Still I wonder what could’ve been the cause of my problems.

  • The game must’ve been okay, because it started instantly without me uploading something to the Arduboy.
  • The battery must be okay, too, as everything works flawlessly now.
  • And the battery being discharged is no possibility either, as the red LED was on even with the first cable, so the power supply must’ve been working.

Huh, strange things happen… :thinking: