Arduboy as a bluetooth controller

Dear community,
I am new to the arduboy scene and would like to use my arduboy as a portable HID for my computer. This would be made much easier without having to connect it with a USB cable and I was wondering if there is anything about connecting an arduboy to a USB bluetooth adapter and having it connect to a device that way. I haven’t found any posts that describe exactly what I want but I doubt it would be as easy as buying a cheap USB bluetooth adapter and then a micro USB to USB A and just plugging that into the arduboy. Any help here would be much appreciated.

The atmega32u4 used in the arduboy has native usb but it’ll only work as a slave and not a host you’d need to control the usb bt adapter as per your idea. There may be some bitbanged usb host library out there to get around this but the easiest method would be to have the arduboy send button presses as serial commands to something like an esp32 which could act like a bluetooth hid device. I know this is kinda cheating but it’d be the easiest way I can think of.

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Wouldn’t the BT-500 bluetooth adapter by Handheld Scientific, made for keyboards, work? Bluetooth Adapter for Keyboard & Mouse « Handheld Scientific, Inc.
I have no experience with this adapter, but it seems one could directly connect this to an Arduboy acting as an HID.

However, I don’t think having this adapter stick out of the Arduboy is much more convenient than a cable. One could perhaps rework the adapter to use micro-USB connectors which would allow one to change it to a flatter case and stick it to the back of the Arduboy. Then it would be a more convenient form factor.

Yes, but you would have to supply power to the adapter in some way. The Arduboy doesn’t supply power on its USB port.

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