Arduboy as controller

I’ve been wondering if you can use the arduboy as a controller for playing emulators also for other android games using an OTG connection, if anyone has tried can you share your experience?

No clue about Android, but using the Arduboy as a gamepad input for desktop is easy enough:

Thanks, but if you’ve got one can you try it like with something like pizza boy gba emulator, want to get an arduboy so that i could emulate the retro games on phone and play using this and this in itself is a standalone device so really cool

I can’t, I don’t have a smartphone.

With Ardutosh, theres a tool in it that lets you use your Arduboy as a usb controller. I tried it on my smartphone and it does work with OTG with most emulators.

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Thank you so much

I can also confirm this works that is how I was able to pull of this epic mod:

@bateske can you elaborate on what you have done there?

I thought I posted about this in it’s own thread but I guess not?

It’s projectABE running on an android head unit. The usb from the head unit has a USB port that is wired to the cars built in port. The Arduboy acts as a USB controller.

Maybe you did post separately- I may have missed it.

Ah nice and simple.