Arduboy Backlight does not appear to work or is dim

I have had my Arduboy for about 2 months now. I have used it lightly, and flashed only twice with a few demos. The backlight is very dim or non-existent. I have tried resetting the arduboy with no luck. Is this hardware failure? What can I do to get the backlight back?

The Arduboy’s display doesn’t have a backlight. It’s an OLED display so each pixel generates its own light. If the display is dim in general, you may have a hardware problem.

That makes sense. I’ll research the OLED. I wonder what happened… It’s probably only been on for 2 hours in it’s entirety since I got it, so it couldn’t be burnout one would think…

If you think there is a problem with your unit please reach us at

We will get in touch with you by email and then you can send us some pictures or anything else that will help diagnose the problem.

That said, there should be no danger of leaving your Arduboy on for extended periods of time. We have had a unit running continuously for months on end without any issues!

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I have the same problem.

The black pixels don’t light up, but the white ones do. That got me, too, when I first turned mine on. The Arduboy doesn’t use the kind of display that your computer or flat-screen TV would. If you can see the Arduboy’s display clearly in direct light, it’s probably okay. Do contact their support if it is too dim, though.

If the display appearance seems to have changed, ie it doesn’t look like it did when you first bought it please let us know. It’s best if you can take a picture, but our contact form won’t allow for attachments so we’ll need to collect that from you once we reply.