Arduboy Backpacks

Hi guys, would it be a possibility to make (or DIY) arduboy backpacks? Correct me if I’m wrong, but arnt there some pins on the back of the arduboy when you remove the back cover? People could use that back plate to add things like a bigger battery, Bluetooth, or a better speaker. Or arduboy could make some and sell them? Just an idea.

I haven’t got an arduboy yet as i’m waiting for pimoroni to get some in. When are you getting then back in stock?

A replacement backplate that has holes for other components is something that’s been discussed before. What features would you want to add?

Basically one of those.

Yep all the I/O are available as test pins on the back. The problem is that the battery fills the whole backside and so if you added components you would need to remount the battery on top of them and would add a lot of thickness. If you’re ready to 3d print your own back cover then it would for sure work!

P.S. I tried adding a wireless charger using this method, but sadly the aluminum back blocked prevented the EM transmission.

Thanks! Sounds cool. When are you planning on getting a restock on Arduboys my good sir? @bateske

Check with our distributors, Adafruit, Pimironi and Seeed Studio we just sent them some units! It looks like we will actually be out of stock until February and launching again on Amazon! Stay tuned!

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Is there any kind of 3D model file for the Arduboy’s case? I have a 3D printer and would love to test out making my own backing.

Maybe I’ll release it for Xmas :wink: