Arduboy battery deatched

Oh no! It looks like the plus section of my arduboy battery detached while I was putting it back together!

o noes

How can I put this back into place? Do I need a soldering iron or just electrical tape?

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(You know you can upload images straight to the forum right?)

If you do solder it, be extremely careful with heat around a lithium-ion battery.
They’re quite volatile and can burst into flames under certain circumstances.

Well I dont have a soldering iron, any other ways?

So I guess I’ll have to make a post about this but if you open your Arduboy case and start messing around with stuff, breaking batteries and breaking screws then that pretty much voids the warranty on those parts.

Please reach out at and we can try to schedule some repair for you.

I don’t think soldering a lith-ion battery connection would be the wisest choice choice for a first venture into soldering.

I would recommend purchasing a respirator as well with VOC cartridges as I doubt you have a fume hood. As well as nitrials as to not handle the solder directly.

If I was in your situation I would go through the contact page and pay for repair. Best case you fix the unit in a short time frame, worst case you accidentally bump the battery and cause it to ignite burning yourself and anything around it while exposing your self to fumes and lead.

@filmote I don’t have an image but the battery connections on my unit aren’t really wires, rather flat pieces of metal.

Right … I assumed (and there is the problem!) that they had wires.

Yeah, too many risks, the arduboy is all locked up and screwed in to prevent it, I am going to buy a new arduboy since thats cheaper than undoing all the damage ive done. I will also pick up scratch remover to fix up the scratches that appear on my new arduboy, 2 cans of the spray paint, and a polycarbonate sheet to practice painting. Cheaper than undoing all the damage i did.


Here’s the image that’s in the main post, but actually embedded this time:

(If I could edit this in to the main post, I would.)

And/or a good case to keep it in.

I would give that a go … a blob of solder and it would be done!

Actually, I would instruct my wife from three feet back.

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eeeeeeeeeeeeeh im a complete idiot at soldering, too risky.

Maybe you should get yourself an (expendable) wife. Is mum any good at soldering?

My mom got confused at why she could not log in

she had caps lock on.

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Don’t you have an electronics teacher at your school?
They should know how to solder.

Those aren’t easy to come by.

Those aren’t expendable, they’re usually needed for keeping the house from falling apart.

(Siblings on the other hand…)

Again, just going to shell out a new one because I have zero chance of winning the game jam going up against better devs

Depends how many people enter.
Last two times everyone who entered got an Arduboy.

Also it’s not a technical challenge, last time some of the stuff that was better in terms of quality ended up near the bottom in favour of stuff that wasn’t particularly well written but the gameplay was good.

The battery tab is laser welded to a solder tab. The battery tab is a very weak material and unfortunately cannot be soldered to. The issue is if you fold/flip the battery up more than a few times than it will break. I’ve had some batteries break sooner than others but the moral of the story is this a very weak joint and it’s not really designed to be bent.

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