Arduboy Battle Royale!

Hi everyone! It’s been a few months since I coded my first game here on the forums, but I think I’m gonna start working on a new title. Lately in PC games Battle Royale has been very popular and I think I can create a top down style battle royale shooter with ten players including yourself and 9 AI.
Here are my goals for the game;

  • 4 or 5 items which can be found and obtained, 2-3 guns, armor, and a healing item
  • a 16 tile map which is relatively simple but changes the arrangement of the tiles every game so each game is different
  • a playzone which shrinks always to the center tile (which will be different every game, see above)
  • AI players. Now these don’t actually need to be very special; they only need to attack the main player, in order to simulate them attacking each other I will have a random chance of one of them dying until there is only one left, then the player needs to defeat the last one. As for loot, I will make a few different loadouts which the AI can randomly obtain at some point after they spawn. Basically the AI is going to be based of completely random numbers instead of actual AI XD.

Now the only thing I have no idea where to start on is the map creation, specifically collision, design, and the shrinking zone (however I think the shrinking zone part will be one of the easier things to tackle).

I will begin working on this as soon as I have a chance, and hopefully it will turn out pretty good. As soon as I have a working version of the game I will post the link so people can try it out.


Something like a Battle Royal mode would be completely possible. I think the best way for you to start this project is by making a top-down map using my Dino Smasher tutorial. It even teaches you a little about different tile types. Those different tile types will have different properties, like collision. After a certain amount of time, you could change certain blocks around the edge of the large map to be walls, basically making the map smaller and smaller. Moving the player around on the center of the screen, using a button to shoot would be very simple. I’d suggest checking out @TEAMarg 's game, Virus LQP-79 . The zombies have a very basic AI and the player is able to shoot a gun.

I really do think there’d be enough space to make a game like you’re wanting to. :slight_smile: Start with the map, and eventually, you’ll be able to move on to colliding and moving the player, then making the map smaller, then having pick-ups, then having some form of enemies that move around, then shooting, then the enemies shooting you back. :smiley: And boom, you’ve got it!


I was going to recommend @crait’s tutorials as well! :grinning:

For anyone interested; here is an update. I had been working on this game for about 5 weeks, and then the drive i was storing it on crashed and i was unable to recover the progress i had made. Since the beginning of school, I have not had enough time to work on this. If someone would like to take over, that is perfectly fine, but as of right now I am preoccupied. As soon as I have some real time, i will try to start over.

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The moral of this story is: push to GitHub.


Or GitLab – GitLab lets you create private repos for free, so you can keep it hidden until release. So there’s really no excuse to keep the source non backed up.


Good to know. Thanks for the info

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It’s been a while, but any update on this?

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sigh I wish. I’ve been relatively busy lately. The last time I did anything to it was about when I updated this post, and even then I only barely started re-creating the very lowest level of the code. I would love to set away some time to work on this, but I’ve recently moved to other things and this Battle Royale is no longer my top priority. I can close the post if you would like, and like I said, for anyone who is interested please feel free to use the guidelines/ideas posted here. If I get back into coding for the Arduboy this will probably be the first thing I work on.

TLDR: I’m no longer avidly coding on the Arduboy, and life/school limits my free time enough that I’m not going to finish this project anytime soon.


Although it seems like this isn’t going to happen soon, if anyone is thinking of doing something similar I am putting infrared links on the Atmel/Microchip SAMD21 homemade I am developing. Maybe that’s a good interface medium for multiplayer…